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This thread has been linked to the game 'Metroid Prime'.
Sat 19/07/03 at 13:57
Posts: 787
Ive just been out and brought Metroid Prime for 25.Great game so far just got to the point where you against the parasite Queen.Might buy a GBA SP with the rest of my b'day money.Whats the latest game u guys brought?
Mon 21/07/03 at 09:54
Posts: 11,024
CuBeMaD wrote:
> Yesterday i "BOUGHT" a gba sp

No, you see, that's the correct spelling, so you don't actually have to use inverted commas...
Mon 21/07/03 at 09:50
"Brownium Motion"
Posts: 4,100
Latest game I got was Skies. It's excellent.
Mon 21/07/03 at 09:41
Posts: 6,228
Vamp wrote:
> Go Go Beckham is surprisingly good

I've wanted it for much time.
Mon 21/07/03 at 05:36
"The mighty GE90-115"
Posts: 5,344
Why not just say "got" <--then no-one can tell whether you robbed it off mates little brother, bought it or brought it
Mon 21/07/03 at 02:56
"One Of A Kind"
Posts: 1,914
Go Go Beckham is surprisingly good
Sun 20/07/03 at 20:19
"$Big Bucks$"
Posts: 141
Yesterday i "BOUGHT" a gba sp with 2 games tony hawks 4 and go go beckham for 80
Sun 20/07/03 at 12:39
"QPR 1974"
Posts: 2,539
Memorandum wrote:
> I never 'bruy' games

Me neither.
Sun 20/07/03 at 12:00
"aka memo aaka gayby"
Posts: 11,948
I never 'bruy' games any more. Last one I 'brought' was months ago. I think it was Mario Sunshine, or it could have been a PC game.
Sun 20/07/03 at 11:57
Posts: 33,481
Splinter Cell.
Sun 20/07/03 at 11:36
Posts: 10,364
Hitman 2

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