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"Given up on Gamecube."

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Sun 20/07/03 at 18:42
Posts: 787
Screw it. Theres nothing Im dying to play so I got rid of Luigi's Mansion, Monkey Ball 2 and Burnout 2, and ill soon be rid of Pikmin and Zelda.

Then Ill probably trade the thing in or something.
Sat 26/07/03 at 17:53
Posts: 18,185
Practical Magic wrote:
> If the PS2 didn't have Snake Eater then Twin Tales would be a major
> coup, as it is people will see a rehash on the Cube, and a new game on
> the PS2...

You seem to miss the point, if twin snakes becomes a MEGA seller (which it will) watch as Konami get their MGS2 and 3 ports done at an alarmingly fast rate.
Sat 26/07/03 at 17:48
Posts: 10,489
Rehash of one of the best title in recent years. Who gives a damn what people go for. I will get MGS3 as well for my Cube but no matter how many MGS games they bring out I don't think one of them will match the class and quality of the first one.

New areas, awesome graphical detail, new moves and slightly different cut scenes. As far as I am concerned it will be one of the best titles yet to be released on all 3 next generation consoles.
Sat 26/07/03 at 17:37
"Best Price @ GAME :"
Posts: 3,812
If the PS2 didn't have Snake Eater then Twin Tales would be a major coup, as it is people will see a rehash on the Cube, and a new game on the PS2...
Sat 26/07/03 at 17:12
"accidental superher"
Posts: 2,482
well isn't it basically the same game but with the moves added in mgs2 and tarted up graphics? i'll probably get it but i'm not dying for it
Sat 26/07/03 at 15:32
Posts: 10,489
I thought they had removed the Solid bit?

Ah well :)

I am banking on it being a classic. Unlike the level of Hype I wrongly gave Splinter Cell I can actually build this one up. In my opinion the two greatest games developers of all time working on a title which already has the basis of an all time classic.
Sat 26/07/03 at 15:08
Posts: 13,611
LŠR wrote:
> Four words... Metal Gear: Twin Tales

Heh heh.

"Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes" actually.
Sat 26/07/03 at 14:27
"Devotion 2The Ocean"
Posts: 6,658
There's loads of good games out, and there's gonna be more good games than money can buy by the end of the year! What are people moaning about?

Also, not every game developer, SPECIALLY Nintendo likes to brag about their games and show them off years before they come out, only to be hit by a million delays. Some developers ie. Nintendo, like to be secrative about their games in development. So it's pointless moaning about Nintendo's line up for 2004 etc, and saying "erh, their not bring out anymore good games. moan moan moan" That's because they don't want to tell you about EVERY game in development!

So stop moaning for a change and go enjoy all the games on offer!

Sat 26/07/03 at 14:15
Posts: 21,800
I'm fed up with trying to convince saps that Cube is actually a hell of a lot better than they give it credit for. If they wanna miss out on some amazing games then that's fine by me. I'll just kick back, light up a blunt and watch as the AAA titles come pooring in.
Sat 26/07/03 at 14:11
Posts: 10,437
Practical Magic wrote:
> I read about Resi 4 in EGM, apart from Mario Kart I reckon it's about
> the only other thing I'll be buying for the Cube, oh, and Pikmin 2.
> Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is shaping up to be a Phantasy Star
> knockoff - and as I've found, Phantasy Star is boring and repetitive.

F-Zero, Kirby's Air Ride (Yes, it may look starnge... but it wouldn't be surprised if it ended up being a killer title), Geist, Custom Robo, future announcments like Donkey Kong GC, Mario 128, Pokemon RPG, Zelda sequel, Metroid sequel. Not to mention the 5 Capcom titles, at least 4 of them should rock; Viewtiful Joe, Dead Pheonix, Killer 7 and Resi 4.

Plus there'll be loads more in the making.
Sat 26/07/03 at 13:43
Posts: 10,489
Four words... Metal Gear: Twin Tales

I am sticking by the fact that it will be my favourite game of the year. That is of course unless they manage to get Deus EX 2 and/or Operation Flashpoint XB out before Decemeber.

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