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"Clock Changes"

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Fri 23/03/07 at 11:48
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Yes, it's that time again when we try to keep a straight face by announcing 'British Summer Time' is here. This Sunday we all get an hour less in bed as the clocks change to mirror the supposed lighter mornings.

The US has just had a major change to their Daylight Savings, in that they've changed the date when the clocks change, after a decision was made to review the times. Should we do the same or do you think it works as it is?

As it is, we're in line with most of Europe for our changes, so they stay in front of us (mostly by 1 hour for neighbouring European countries). That certainly makes it easier if you're in a job that involves contacting people in Europe. The US changes have meant that my boss is in his office earlier as well, which was a bit weird to get used to, but quite useful at times.

Everyone else ready for the clock changes? Do you dread the summer change or look forward to the winter one? Have you ever got it wrong and turned up for work an hour early/late?
Thu 05/04/07 at 15:34
Posts: 10,009
I look forward to the clock going forward as it means lighter nights and not going home from work in the dark anymore.

Personally I much prefer summer to winter as I don't like being stuck in the house and like to be out and about.

Plus I love BBQ's!
Sat 24/03/07 at 17:37
Posts: 20,776
I'd be happy if they did away with the daylight saving malarkey, but I understand it's helpful for farmers, so it's no biggie I suppose.
Sat 24/03/07 at 16:11
Posts: 9,995
I like winter days and summer nights.
Sat 24/03/07 at 16:04
"Vodka Queen"
Posts: 4,927
Thats what I meant. I was half asleep when i typed that.
Sat 24/03/07 at 14:13
Posts: 3,611
Lucy-Jane wrote:
> Glad someone posted this. As me and the other half had no idea
> when they went back.

Sat 24/03/07 at 14:06
Posts: 5,848
I've got the clock changes wrong far too many times to count, both in the Summer and the Winter.

As for the change itself, gaining an extra hour in the Winter is much better. Even when I was in primary school, the lighter mornings didn't make much difference, and I'd much rather have had that light in the afternoon.

Although I like Winter, with Christmas and New Years, Summer is by far the better for me. Despite the detractions like looming exams, there's the nice, long summer holiday still to look forward to - the time I usually go abroad. When the Sun doesn't make an appearance, Summer can be terrible, but when it comes out days with a cold beer at the beach are unbeatable :c)
Fri 23/03/07 at 22:10
"Vodka Queen"
Posts: 4,927
I love winter. Hate the summer.
Glad someone posted this. As me and the other half had no idea when they went back.
Fri 23/03/07 at 18:33
Posts: 1,014
Much prefer the dark nights! everyones garden looks the same in the dark! and working shifts as I do I prefer sleeping on dull wet days! nothing worse after night shift trying to sleep on a hot summers day.

Silliest thing I ever did at clock changes! I got married in the October the weekend the clocks changed and we forgot to put our clocks back so were at our honeymoon venue an hour sooner than we should have been. We still laugh about it every October.
Fri 23/03/07 at 18:13
Posts: 5,857
I prefer winter personally. Summer brings the bugs, hayfever and dog hairs. I'm also highly prone to dehydration, what with hydrocephalus slowing down water transfer around my head.
Fri 23/03/07 at 17:11
"Too Orangy For Crow"
Posts: 15,844
I much prefer the change approaching at this time, because it is a sign that the weather is improving (hopefully) and it gets darker later.

I'm also getting sick of winter and cold at the moment. This winter has been quite bad for me. I've been picking up so many illnesses.

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