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"Pro Evo 3 details"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Pro Evolution Soccer 3'.
Sat 16/08/03 at 19:20
Posts: 787
Since finding out that Winning Eleven 7 will be exactly the same as Pro Evo 3, I thought I’d bring you some details about it.

New trick moves, such as Zidane’s 360 turn which can be performed by anyone, the fakies are still in there with more variations and a sort of over-head flick, these Moves can be seen here . They can be performed using the analogue stick, but don’t fret, manual pass is still there.

A “Liberio Grande” mode has now been implemented, where you choose to be 1 person of the team, a lot of fun apparently.

The “Enemy” AI can evolve, supposedly meaning that it’ll learn how you play.

80% of the animations have been re-done, so you don’t hit a 30-yard screamer the same as you hit a tap in.

The referee now plays advantage, when this happens there is a little icon of a ref with his hands down signalling the advantage. But the home/away will affect the ref’s decisions.

No more “Oranges001” fake names will now be used.

Now there’s a WE Shop (Likely to be re-named PE Shop) where you can buy stadiums, hair-styles, more options for edit mode, faster gameplay, the Adidas Tricolor ball which will most likely be removed due to the WE= Adidas and PES= Umbro

4 teams have been licensed, AC Milan, Parma, Lazio and Roma, it is yet to be knows whether these will be carried into PES3, but it is reported that Konami are chasing other teams for their kits during the wait until PES3

The crowd will leave the stadium as the game progresses if you’re doing a Sunderland. Their clothing will also change depending on the weather, the crowd noise is also much more lively, like the World Cup in Japan.

There will be 20 stadiums in total, new ones include:-
Stamford Bridge,
Stadio Delle Alpi,
Stadio Olympico,
Sapporo Dome,

Official names and kit for South Korea (!!!)

The Master league has been redone, 64 teams divided into 4 divisions, depending on their location, theres now a player search function

Players can now get bandages for injuries on their legs and head, they also drink water to replenish energy.

New sequence before Penalties, which shows the player placing the ball on the spot, this has been seen with Roberto Baggio and Beckham

No more of that crappy shirt tugging when 2 opposion players clash.

You can name your cursor instead of P1 or P2 etc.

And Finally, crossing is harder and less accurate when performed whilst running.
Sun 05/10/03 at 16:35
Posts: 4,686 /dump/Zygalski/psm2_pes3_page3.jpg

Look! You can buy Chilavert!
Fri 03/10/03 at 16:28
Posts: 23,695

You may have to be a registered user to view these, but it's worth signing up just to look at the attachment photos in this PES3 topic.

Juventus licensed, Feyenoord licensed, empty stadium, champions league ball - it's all there. w00t w00t w00t.
Thu 02/10/03 at 22:05
"es argh"
Posts: 4,729

Read my last update you Beyotches
Wed 01/10/03 at 20:27
Posts: 23,695
I did. It's good.

But it made me want Pro Evo 3 even more.

Bad forum! *Slaps*
Wed 01/10/03 at 18:21
"es argh"
Posts: 4,729
Those that want to join that forum,

Go here

And click on register (Because you love me)
Wed 01/10/03 at 18:14
"es argh"
Posts: 4,729
Oh, and if you sign up for them cool forums, i referred you lot ;)
Wed 01/10/03 at 18:09
"es argh"
Posts: 4,729
Apologies all, you need to be a member to see the pics.
Wed 01/10/03 at 18:05
"es argh"
Posts: 4,729
Bah, most clubs are not liscensed, not even Chelsea as many thought, proof (Renault Espace) /attachment.php?attachmentid=405

More info...

- ****STUTTER IS (almost, boo!) GONE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!****

- Ball used straight away is the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE ball (YAY!!!), proof... (Renault Espace) .php?attachmentid=410&stc=1

- The bloke that has got the official real deal game lives in Hungary/Budapest so dont get your hopes up yet.

- Your opponents can actually play :O instead of passing for a ridiculous amount of time.

- 5* matches can be really dull, pass, deflection, interception, repeat.

-Deflections! Bloody millions of the buggers, and they're soooo much better than PES3

- Keepers, these are fantastisch! the only problem is they seem to tip it around/above the bar with fantastic saves then they can do a really bad mistake.

- keepers come up for corners late in a match *(Stoppage time) if losing by 1 goal, oh, and I tried cheating but when I went on the break the final whistle went :(

Just for extra extra proof (Renault Espace) attachment.php?attachmentid=414

And again. (Renault Espace) attachment.php?attachmentid=411

- The Adidas logo and copyright bit are at the beginning meaning... YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Umbro the treacherous villains have gone over to the dark side disgracing their pitches with their barely noticable small balls, which I laugh at.

Bwahahaha. Sleep.
Wed 01/10/03 at 16:34
Posts: 23,695
Reynolds wrote:
> Do they have the real player's name's and kits??


The team being licensed mean yes.

According to Badgerman's report most of the clubs in the game too, but before he found this out only a handful of clubs had full licensing.

And most countries do - it's just crappy countries that don't. Like Wales. :-D
Wed 01/10/03 at 16:29
Posts: 8,818
I got the Pro Evo 3 Demo, below are a few comments:

- The movement and smoothness of the gameplay is much better than WE7.

- The commentry is CACK. I hope this is improved in the proper version but at this moment in time I would say it was better in Pro Evo 2!

- WE7 is a lot, lot harder. The PES 3 demo is played at hardest level and it isn't all that difficult yet in WE7 level 3 is like playing God!

- PES 3 is a lot quicker and it is easier to get past players than it is in WE7


that's all for now.

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