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"Need for Speed: Underground"

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Sun 17/08/03 at 13:29
Posts: 787
This game looks the mutts. It's the game i've been dreaming of for yonks! I am a major modded-car fanatic. Next year i'll be getting a nice little peugeot 106 and modding the fook outta it. 17" alloys, 12" subwoofers, loads of ICE,lowered suspension, front and back spoilers, new bodykit etc.

Enough of that - Back onto the topic of the game. Apparently it looks as if you are able to actually modify your car in its appearance/performance. How cool is that! Giving the car spoilers, new exhausts, alloys, custom paint-work. Its like a man's wet-dream without the stickyness.

'You can add decals; create and layer vinyl schemes; change the front and rear bumper; add skirts, spoilers, and scoops; choose between a regular hood and a carbon-fiber hood; and even change the color of the neon underneath the car. You can also make various performance adjustments to your car by changing the engine, nitrous, tires, brakes, and more. There's an insane level of customization in the game, but Electronic Arts wanted to make sure that the vehicles were actually representative of the kind of cars that modern street racers use.'

Fook me!

Who else is looking forward to this excellent looking title?

Mon 18/08/03 at 22:25
Posts: 13,611
Tiltawhirl wrote:
> Used to be a bunch of nob faces where I used to live who all kitted
> out their cars, they used to race round the town at night like the
> bunch of f*gs they were.

Agreed. Got a bunch of 'em by where I live.

Not only do they have the false impression that they're "rock 'ard", but they're also putting people in danger.
Mon 18/08/03 at 19:47
Posts: 227
Well i say if you want something get it before your too late. If there is something you want to do do it. Make the most of life while you still have it, and don't look back.
Mon 18/08/03 at 16:36
Posts: 21,800
gamezfreak wrote:
> Just because someone has an interest does'nt mean you have to label
> them "pathetic humans" because you don't like it.

Errrrr they were pathetic human beings. Not because they liked customised cars, but because they dealt drugs to little kids, reguarly visited crack houses to sell their stuff, stole cars, broke into houses and many other things that made me not like them.

> Self centered.

Ha ha

Can't believe you just said that to me, that's the kind of thing my mum used to say when I didn't help with the washing up.
Mon 18/08/03 at 15:59
Posts: 10,364
Woa woa woa calm down there Tilty-boy.

Just because someone has an interest does'nt mean you have to label them "pathetic humans" because you don't like it.

Self centered.
Mon 18/08/03 at 14:07
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Thats why I said, 'Woo, customisable....'


I just find customised cars a big joke, and would far rather do something unusual in a game than race around a track in a specially converted Micra.

Come on Rush...!
Mon 18/08/03 at 10:52
Posts: 21,800
Yey boy racers!!

Let's mod out a clapped out old Astra with a twin exhaust, some phat alloys, pumping subs, cherry bomb etc etc

Oh how I hate people like that. "If I wanted to listen to your music I would have bought the CD I'm not impressed at all by the fact that you can play your music so loud and I'm sure it's not very comfortable for you with the fact that your back seat vibrates because of the bass"

Used to be a bunch of nob faces where I used to live who all kitted out their cars, they used to race round the town at night like the bunch of f*gs they were.

I knew a couple of them, they were truely pathetic human beings.
Mon 18/08/03 at 10:33
Posts: 10,364

Fiesta's look awesome when they are modded correctly.
Mon 18/08/03 at 09:44
Posts: 227
wiked site gamezfreak. check out this one it rules.

i'm hopefully getting my self a little ford fiesta with a lovely body kit here it is

in the fiesta and then the delta 1 kit.
Mon 18/08/03 at 09:31
Posts: 227
*drools* My life has meaning again. I have been dreaming of a game like this. It was just the other day that i said to my mate 'if only their was a game were you could totally kit up your car and add stuff to it, kind of like a street racers version of GT' and now their is. wow. When is it being released.
Mon 18/08/03 at 00:08
Posts: 33,481
gamezfreak wrote:
> Whats wrong with just having an interest in cars Cyclone....:P

I think he's saying that it's going to need more than a customisable gimmick to sell.

I agree.

and taking out the police is just dumb as that is what NFS is all about.
Otherwise it's just a Midnight Club clone.

I don't want another standard racer.

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