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"Red Faction 2"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Red Faction 2'.
Fri 22/08/03 at 18:42
Posts: 787
Anyone got this?

Hedfix - read your review, never have I seen the words 'perfect dark' used more in one place ;D

What I want to know is - how does it measure up to the Halo? I fancy another shooter and it's a toss up between this and Timesplitters 2.

Input would be appreciated!
Mon 08/09/03 at 19:07
Posts: 33,481
Not if you find it too arcadey and not accurate enough. :)
Mon 08/09/03 at 17:40
"Bail down before me"
Posts: 20
Red Faction 2 is a great game and so is Halo and Timesplitters 2.
If i was you i would wait till Red Faction 2 goes down in price and get it.
Red Faction 2 is a great game and its a lot like Halo if you have played Red Faction one then you will notice they havnt really changed anythink exept graphics and a few weapons.
But on the other hand theres timesplitters 2 it has better graphics it takes longer to beat it has hours of mini games and a better multiplayer system.
Final verdict
Buy Timesplitters 2 it has everythink and will keep you entertained longer than Red Faction 2.
Fri 29/08/03 at 02:46
Posts: 33,481
POP for Biggles.
Mon 25/08/03 at 00:37
Posts: 21,800
Red Faction 2's okay as long as you don't expect much. Multiplayer's rubbish though, can't imagine how anyone would enjoy that toss.

TSP2 kept me going for ages though, excellent game.
Mon 25/08/03 at 00:36
Posts: 13,611

But we don't usually disagree, do we?
Sun 24/08/03 at 18:10
"Remember me?"
Posts: 6,124
I - for once - agree with Maverick on this one.
Sun 24/08/03 at 16:53
Posts: 13,611
Red Faction 2 is boring and the gameplay is lacklustre. It's no more than a 5/10 game, whereas TimeSplitters 2 is no less than a 9/10 game.
Sun 24/08/03 at 15:31
Posts: 33,481
If you want a lot of weapons, insane speed, no real option for stealth against bots, a level designer, a frustrating single player mode and poor multiplayer bots then go for TS2.

Redfaction 2 has fewer weapons, is slower, allows players to opt for a stealth approach against bots, no level designer (but 60 levels), an amusing single player mode with plenty of save points and fewer multiplayer bots which have modifyable accuracy, health and agility levels and unbiast A.I.

TS2 feels like it was made Sega, it is very arcadey in it's approach. Red Faction 2 seems to play like Turok + Quake but with a fair bit of Perfect Dark thrown in for good measure.

If your after accuracy then Red Faction would certain be a better purchase than TS2. Put it this way: Sniping in Red Faction 2 multiplayer is actually worth trying. TS2 (with bots) is infact too fast for its own good when it comes to attempting to play in any other way besides manic blasting.

It is a difficult decision as both games have very different approaches and styles of gameplay.

If you're after something light-hearted and arcadey then go for TS2. If you want a game which is less arcadey then go for Red Faction 2.

Both are good games, both are fun.

Neither beats Perfect Dark though. ;D
Sun 24/08/03 at 15:04
Posts: 13,611

Hasn't happened to me.

Anyway Borat, at the end of the day, TimeSplitters 2 is your best option.
Sun 24/08/03 at 15:00
Posts: 33,481
Maverick42 wrote:
> That's not how they move though.

Like I said. They move in a line when they do that 'all gunning for me and not shooting each other whilst being part of a line' thing.

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