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This thread has been linked to the game 'Gran Turismo 4 (GT4)'.
Thu 28/08/03 at 08:57
"Complete Banker"
Posts: 562
It will be online - Hooray!!

Now I'd better get a Network adaptor..... [SPACE] page=7&articleid=65817&_sectiontypeid=2&_subsectionid=158

Not sure about the choice of screens though....
Sat 30/08/03 at 15:17
Posts: 4,686
What I really want from GT4 is the ability to race on the specialist tracks in Gran Turismo mode, like the Mini Racing Land or whatever from GT2 or the one with the crazy layout on GT3 that is really long.

And I want the races to have more limit put on them, and I want Gran Turismo and Arcade mode saved in seperate files, so you can start a new GT mode but keep all the bonus cars and tracks you had in Arcade.
Sat 30/08/03 at 00:49
"You Bum!!"
Posts: 3,740
Ye i did.Its very good and solid but then again-its EXACTLY how I expected it to be-every single game on the show-i wasnt surprised by them.None disappointed me,none surprised me.

Well SD5 hmmm-only HHH,Kurt,Brock and Goldberg available-very well animated,very good graphics,very good crowds,good moves,nice new reversal system,new submission system-but generally pretty much the same lol
Sat 30/08/03 at 00:20
Posts: 374

Did you play SD5 ?
Sat 30/08/03 at 00:19
"You Bum!!"
Posts: 3,740
Played it today at Playstation Experience.The graphics are very nice-the backgrounds are lovely.But Icant exactly said the new features and changes threw themselves at me as I played.I was stupid enough to pick some estate car which couldnt to more than 120 kph but still I couldnt really see much difference between that and GT/Yes, its very solid, yes it looks good and yes there is a multitude of cars and new tracks available etc.But from the 5 minute game I had, I wasnt exactly going WOW.But then again, I wasnt going WOW about any game I played at the event
Fri 29/08/03 at 23:45
"Too Orangy For Crow"
Posts: 15,844
It could always be an adjustable option, having car damage on or off. I can't see the car manufacturers problem. I don't care if I see a car smashed up or not, it's a game. It's not going to change my opinion of the cars.
Fri 29/08/03 at 23:42
"Plotting Your Demis"
Posts: 342
Yeah, but I suppose having cars that stop workin after crashing at high speed would probably drain the fun from the game for beginners.
Fri 29/08/03 at 09:13
"Complete Banker"
Posts: 562
Grandprix wrote:
> Do we know if there will be car damage or not? I've not been keeping
> up.

I don't think so. A real shame, even if the paint just got scratched as you hit the barriers and other cars.

There would be lots of problems, like whether the damage effects the performance of the car as most crashes on GT would actually render any *real* car useless.

Hopefully something they'll sort out for number 8 (or something)!!
Thu 28/08/03 at 21:14
"Plotting Your Demis"
Posts: 342
I've never actually bought a GT game, but have always found them fun and very in-depth, so I'm gonna splash out some hard-earned cash on this one, it looks good, with 500 cars or so. Will there be vintage cars? Such as Rolls Royces, Bristols or Bentleys? I'm hoping there'll be damage, so I can get a Smart car and smash it to oblivion.
Thu 28/08/03 at 17:05
"Dont come here ofte"
Posts: 4,264
Yep, my post was based on info I read months ago now, even without damage it will be a fantastic game.
Thu 28/08/03 at 16:37
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Think i remember reading somewhere that because some manufacturers didn't want damage to their cars in the game they took it out all together?

Might be wrong though as they were using an early build of the game so might have been put in.

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