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Mon 01/09/03 at 03:13
"All about the Beats"
Posts: 1,998
Sell my GameCube.

I am going to rent out the games that i havent got, which are decent.

On my list so far are

Metroid Prime
Super Monkey Ball 2

What do you recommend?
Wed 03/09/03 at 20:49
Posts: 13,611
No problem :D
Tue 02/09/03 at 23:43
"All about the Beats"
Posts: 1,998
Thanks for the Round-Up Mav. Cheers

I will probley rent F Zero and Mario Kart, cause i can afford to run the xbox too. But it wont get much use as its just sitting there at the moment. Ive kept all my consoles previous, but this time i might as well sell and put money towards the Xbox.
Tue 02/09/03 at 21:48
Posts: 13,611
DreamWarBird wrote:
> Zelda

Skies of Arcadia: Legends is a fantastic RPG to complement Zelda, and Lost Kingdoms 1 & 2 are solid games. All three are 'Cube exclusives. There are also three new Zelda games coming out for GameCube next year; Tetra's Trackers, Four Swords and a brand new adventure. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles and Tales of Symphonia are also looking like excellent RPGs.

> SSX Tricky

1080: Avalanche has more of an SSX look this time round, with impressive interactive environments and a fluid trick system. Amped and Amped 2 are the choices on Xbox, but they're more realistic simulations, so you've got to decide which style you prefer. As you probably know, 1080 games have always been a bit of both SSX 3 is also coming out, but that's multiformat anyway.

> Madden

Don't know about these - all major sports games will be multiformat really, except for the few exclusives; you can import the Winning Eleven series from Japan on the GameCube - the best football games made.

> Tony Hawks 3/4
> Agressive Inline

Again, these types of games will always be multiformat so you can expect to see other titles in the genre/series on GameCube, Xbox, PS2, GBA and PC alike.

> Im not a massive Ninty Fan, thats why im not really interested in
> Mario Kart, F Zero X, Rogue Leader, 1080 (i still have first one on
> n64).

Perhaps you might want to stick it out for a bit and give those a try - Mario Kart is excellent fun without fail, so you really ought to give it a rent and see how it fares. F-Zero GX is being hailed as the fastest game ever, surely that deserves a chance? Rebel Strike will have MUCH deeper gameplay than it's predecessor, in terms of tactics and variation.

Have you tried the other Nintendo games aswell? Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Pikmin, Animal Crossing and the rest are all great. It's up to you; if you are REALLY into console FPS and realistic racers, then I expect the Xbox is for you - but give your GameCube a proper chance (perhaps don't sell it straight away when you get the Xbox), and maybe pick up a magazine or something. It's best to be sure.
Tue 02/09/03 at 01:19
"All about the Beats"
Posts: 1,998
oh and Burnout 2
Tue 02/09/03 at 01:18
"All about the Beats"
Posts: 1,998
Games i have got are (off top of my head, only have afew any way)

SSX Tricky
Tony Hawks 3/4
Agressive Inline

Most of them are Multi Format anyway.

Im not a massive Ninty Fan, thats why im not really interested in Mario Kart, F Zero X, Rogue Leader, 1080 (i still have first one on n64). I got my GC soley because it was cheapest console at the time which had Tony Hawk
and Madden.
Mon 01/09/03 at 22:07
"Wants Spymate on dv"
Posts: 3,025
If people sell their Cubes they're gonna miss out on a good looking selection of upcoming titles in the next few months. Mario Kart, 1080, Rogue Leader 3, F-Zero, Viewtiful Joe, etc.
Mon 01/09/03 at 22:04
Posts: 4,279
Right, Why people are selling their Gamecubes I don't know. What do you get? 80. You may aswell keep it for that price. You can buy two extra games for the money that'll last you less than a month. O so pointless. Keep it, I have mine for the Gamecube exclusives because to put it simply, they have the best exclusive's.
Mon 01/09/03 at 21:26
Posts: 16,558
Anyone can give me any pics/movies of True Crime apparently its good... oh and if you like FPS's then CDS 2..
Mon 01/09/03 at 21:24
Posts: 13,611
Ok, you seem unsure about selling it. Personally, I think you're mad to even consider it at this crucial point, but it's up to you. First though, tell us what games you own for the 'Cube and what genres you like and then we'll see if there's a decent future ahead for you and Nintendo :D
Mon 01/09/03 at 20:49
Posts: 210
Right, GameCube games coming out. Don't ask why I'm doing this.

1) Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
2) Mario Golf
3) Geist
4) Beyond Good and Evil
5) Mario Kart
6) F-Zero
7) Star Fox
8) 1080 Avalanche
9) Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
10) Mario Party 5
11) Pikmin 2
12) Soul Caliber 2
13) XIII
14) Wrestlemania X9
15) Metroid Prime 2
16) Mario 128
17) Rogue Squadron 3
18) Medal of honour: Rising sun (I think)
19) Splinter Cell 2
20) SSX3
21) Tiger Woods 2004
22) Some sort of Pro Evolution Soccer
23) True Crime: Streets of LA
24) Freedom Fighters
25) James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing
26) Burnout 3
27) Dead To Rights

Don't ask why I did this, but can anyone name any others?

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