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"Another Simpsons Hit and Run topic"

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Tue 23/09/03 at 16:52
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I know Damarus started a topic about the game, but mine's better and so are my opinions :D

I also got the game today and have been playing it most of the afternoon. It well and truely rocks my banana. Simpsons fans rejoice, finally there is a game worthy of the license.

If you've played GTA you pretty much should know what goes on in Hit and Run. Free roaming Springfield, jack cars, go anywhere you want etc etc

If you're a Simpsons geek (like myself) you're gonna be bowled over by the amount of in jokes and references to episodes. The attention to detail is very sweet. I've spent the majority of my play time so far just checking out the sites, chatting to characters and laughing at the dialogue. If you have any worries about how the humour of the show will translate to a game, don't worry, it's as funny as the show has ever been. Funny moment was when I hit ran over a pedestrian and he said "This is a sad day for generic characters everywhere". Tis literally busting to the seams with funny dialogue.

So far I've only done a couple of missions because I've been too busy exploring. The one's I have done though have been racing Principal Skinner too School to get Lisa her Science project, driving to the Kwiki Mart to pick up some ice-cream and mini pies, and also getting back Flanders belongings that Homer has 'borrowed'.

Once excellent thing I've found is you can stand on moving cars and surf on the roof Teenwolf style. I went round the whole of the first level on top of a school bus just checking out all the areas.

In the words of Homer

"I am so smart, I am so smart, S-M-R-T...I mean S-M-A-R-T"

Wed 24/09/03 at 22:55
Posts: 21,800
Snipe® wrote:
> Sounds okay.. but then there's better coming out isnt there?

Not if you're as much of a Simpsons fan as me, this game rocks.
Wed 24/09/03 at 21:46
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Soul calibur this weekend aswell..
Wed 24/09/03 at 18:48
Posts: 13
Yeah, kick ass True Crime Streets of LA is coming out on the same day as Hit and Run in the UK. I have a feeling True Crime will be off the shelves before Hit and Run even arrives at the shop to be stacked up.
Wed 24/09/03 at 16:58
Posts: 16,558
Sounds okay.. but then there's better coming out isnt there?
Wed 24/09/03 at 16:38
Posts: 4,279
Mystique wrote:
> Found it for £28.95 Inc. P&P

I paid extra for the postage on mine, otherwise it would have took 3 weeks or so to deliver.
Wed 24/09/03 at 16:20
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Found it for £28.95 Inc. P&P
Wed 24/09/03 at 14:30
Posts: 4,279
I bought mine for £34 off ebay. Nothing more.
Wed 24/09/03 at 11:45
Posts: 21,800
Bought it on Ebay for £37 including postage, pretty sweet and I didn't have to pay any import tax.
Wed 24/09/03 at 11:20
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I takes it you imported it...where did you get it from? Did you have to pay silly import taxes n stuff??

"Oh look, I'm making people happy! Aren't I just the something something on lollllllly pop laaaanne!"

"Oh in case you didn't know, I was being sarcastic"
Tue 23/09/03 at 23:08
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I've been trying to 100% the first level. I'm missing a gag, a collector card and a couple of bee cameras.

Spent ages trying to land Plow King on top of one of the Krusty Burgers, for no particular reason but it was fun. I eventually managed it and the sodding thing blew up as soon as it got on the roof.

Another thing I did for quite a long time was kick the Flanders garden furniture around Evergreen Terrace, damn that stuff goes a distance.

Had a quick drive around the 2nd level, looks bloody sweet from what I've seen. Spent quite a while kicking the head of Jebediah Springfield around. Found the secret car on the level and had a drive round in that, the references and in jokes are all over the place which is cool. Particuarly laughed at the stairway to nowhere and the broken monorail station.

Excellent game.

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