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"Why buy a PS3? - The Reasons!"

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Fri 09/03/07 at 11:15
"possibly impossible"
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It’s a tough choice when a new console arrives. Do you buy it straight away or wait for loads of other people to have it first? How do you justify buying a PS3 when others tell you not to?

Maybe this list of reasons will help:

Early Adoption
A lot can be said for that feeling you get when you tell everyone you have the newest games console under your TV before loads of your friends. It’ll mean that they’ll suddenly be interested in popping around for a social call.

Although the cost of such an action is the initial sting of £425 (plus games, extra controllers etc) being snatched from your wallet, the added danger of having your house broken in to if you advertise it and the greater chance of launch machines going wrong, it could be seen as being worth it for the jealous glances you’ll get.

Using your PSP
Getting tired of Sony’s shiny handheld and its lack of games? Well, the PS3 can download PS1 games for the PSP and promises demos and even full games to download.

Of course, this could be achieved through the simple use of a downgrader and upgrading to a custom firmware (which also lets you play emulators), but if you want to be in Sony’s good books by doing it the less dubious way…

So the PS3 probably won’t disappear off shelves in the same way the Wii did. But that’s good, because you can leave your buying decision till the last minute, then just pop down the shops on launch day and buy one.

Of course, Sony would like you to thank them because it’s obviously all down to the way they marketed the machine that there are so many available, not due to lack of demand.

Gran Turismo HD
It looks almost real and probably handles like it too. GT HD looks superb and is great eye-candy for those visitors who just happened to pop round when they heard you had Sony’s newest machine.

It does, however, also mimic real life in that you have to pay real money to buy new cars and pay for roads. There is no truth to the rumour that Sony will also be charging road tax and insurance through their download service, though.

Resistance: Fall of Man
Resistance is certainly not futile, the launch game that everyone’s talking about.

Tired of complaining about the 360 being used for so many FPS games, Sony have come up with an FPS game at launch. However, it’s a very good one and probably an essential purchase alongside your new machine.

Download service
Aside from PSP downloads, Sony are trying to outdo Microsoft with full game downloads from their online service.

This includes a version of the PSP Tekken game and the previously scheduled for retail release Warhawk. While it could be said that a retail release moved to become a download game isn’t a good sign, It wouldn’t be me that said it…

However, signs are good for more releases.

Backward Compatibility
The hardware backward compatibility with PS1 and PS2 was considered too good, so Sony have decided to stay with software emulation for Europe. After all, if it worked for the 360. Not that Sony ever said a bad word about the 360 relying solely on software emulation, or anything.

Sony, however, say that ‘thousands’ of games work with it, so it should let you play Final Fantasy, shouldn’t it?

The Virtual Chatroom
Unsurprisingly, after seeing Second Life, Sony have created a neat idea where you use avatars that look like you and mii to interact with each other in a virtual 3D space online. Full of original ideas, that Sony.

This looks like it could be a great little utility for PS3 owners, as long as Sony don’t charge for it.

You know you need it. Well, if you have an HD TV, decent sound setup and want to replace all your DVDs you do. Why not get it ‘free’ with your new console?

With all that extra space on the disc, you could be the proud owner of the whole of series 1 of Desperate Housewives on one Bluray disc.

Games Franchises
Forget about all those third parties who started out with exclusive games that are now appearing on a 360 near you, Sony have their own hot franchises to wow you. You won’t see Resistance, Gran Turismo or Warhawk on another console, to name but 3.
Tue 13/03/07 at 22:37
Posts: 33,481
Revolver Ocelot wrote:
> You forgot "Assasin's Creed".

Multiformat now.

> Probably one of the best games, along with MGS4.

MGS 4 has been rumoured to be in part of a survey question in New York.

The question asks people some like 'would you would be prepared to buy MGS4 on the 360?'
Tue 13/03/07 at 20:47
"Blood on my suit"
Posts: 1,387
You forgot "Assasin's Creed". Probably one of the best games, along with MGS4.
Tue 13/03/07 at 12:18
"Previously Vampyr"
Posts: 4,618
its £400

and i really dont want blueray or w/e that bad.

/me will wait and let it drop in price, and maybe get that or a 360

*resumes sleep*
Mon 12/03/07 at 22:19
Posts: 33,481
It could do an N64 and end up having a lot of 'WOW inducing' exclusives.

Shame I can't stand the mid-nineties controller. Maybe when a PS3 controller converter turns up... ah who am I kidding: I'm going to um and ah about it and never get one because I'm enjoying the console(s) I already have too much, just like what I did with the PS2. :D
Mon 12/03/07 at 22:07
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
I think a lot of people are feeling the same way.

Don't get me wrong, despite all the sarcastic sounding prose, the PS3 could be a hit if Sony concentrate more on getting some exclusive hits and finding something that seperates it from the other 2 consoles. They need a reason to buy the machine for games, not just the fact that it has blueray, or 101 different memory card ports, or whatever.
Mon 12/03/07 at 15:21
Posts: 10,489
Was hoping the backward compatiblity option would be good but from what I have seen and read it makes PS2 games look even worse despite it being over a better connection.

I picked up a PS2 last week to play God of War and then God of War 2 as a result of the really bad backward compatiblity and the fact that the releases on or around launch date are nothing short of embarassing. When straight forward racing games with short single players are pushed as AAA titles you know things aren't looking rosy, Reistance as well didn't look even remotely interesting from the IGN video review, played too many games like that before it and got bored, it looks like a "Welcome to PC gaming 1995".

Trying out for the Military in a couple of months time so probably won't get my hands on one now, Metal Gear 4 and Devil May Cry 4 would be enough to tempt me but by the time they are out I probably won't be around to bother with them. Really surprised they didn't push for Metal Gear around launch because I for one would've been there to get it.

For now though the PS3 just looks like the poor relation but over time it will no doubt shine once it gets its big titles out.
Mon 12/03/07 at 14:40
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Yes, that's right. GT HD was just a stop-gap to wow people into the idea of High Def gaming, it's basically GT4 with bells and whistles. GT5 is the full retail game with all new options etc.

GT:HD Premium is still go, being a bit like the GT 3 Prologue for the next generation, before GT3 A spec came out as a full game.
Mon 12/03/07 at 14:25
Posts: 33,481
I think GT:HD was going to be a game people built up via downloads they had to pay for.

It was going to cost people an arm and a leg to get the full game and gamers didn't really like that idea for some reason. :D
Mon 12/03/07 at 14:23
Posts: 18,487
Does anyone care to explain the difference between GT:HD (Which has now been cancelled) and GT:5?
Mon 12/03/07 at 14:21
Posts: 33,481
I don't think you'll ever 'need' one, 'want' one yes.

I can't see the point: everything on it so far is either untested, half-finished, uncompelling or done equally well/better on the 360.

And I have a back-log of 360 titles to play, that's how many fun titles there are on the white box that breathes in. :D

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