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Fri 14/09/01 at 23:02
Posts: 787
I'm useless at this myself, so forget about any entry from me.

The winner of this competition will be the person who best adapts the wording of a popular song to something relevant to the forums or the people in them.

Your entry can be short or it can be long. It's the funniest or most original that will win.

The winning entry will be sung by Iguana and published as a downloadable WAV file for all to hear (or whatever).

Write your entry into a post in this topic, stating if necessary which song you have adapted.

You can enter as many times as you like and the competition runs until the end of September.

Now - where's that Singalongwithmax LP, or was it Singalongamax? You need hands....
Fri 05/10/01 at 14:26
"I confused?"
Posts: 2,440
Please don't write such rubbish ever, ever again!!!!!
Fri 05/10/01 at 14:26
"I confused?"
Posts: 2,440
Please don't write such rubbish ever ever again!!!!!
Fri 05/10/01 at 07:11
"( . ) ( . )"
Posts: 3,279
Well done Slavey!
Wed 03/10/01 at 18:26
"Rong Xion Tong"
Posts: 5,237
Well done Slave......

*Vottanator turns his back and whimpers slightly, fighting back the tears"

soooooo close.....

Wed 03/10/01 at 11:04
"Back from the dead!"
Posts: 4,615
Gah! Blinkin' defeatists! All of you!

Tue 02/10/01 at 21:16
Posts: 3,611
Wildlight wrote:

you wouldn't know anything about that now would you. ;)

Nah...I certainly wouldn't.....I do have a friend...lets call him MJ who knows though :P

I am actually thinking of emaiing SR to tell them whats wrong with it so they can sort it out, but I am not sure.

Tue 02/10/01 at 21:08
"A square watermelon"
Posts: 1,890
See :)

I did try..

It was hilarious..
Tue 02/10/01 at 21:04
"everyone says it"
Posts: 14,738

ITS CRAP! Nobody can sing to that... because the people who did it in the first place couldn't sing...

urrrghh... Iguana isn't going to sing it... I am trying to learn it to have a go and upload it for you.. but its hard.
Tue 02/10/01 at 21:00
"A square watermelon"
Posts: 1,890
I only win If I sing..

I won't sing :D

Er-no sees why..
Tue 02/10/01 at 20:55
"You've upset me"
Posts: 21,152

"Bang bang with a corpse Rasta" Heheheheheheh...

Well done Slave and Iggy.

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