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"Swordfish Withdrawal"

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Thu 13/09/01 at 17:05
Posts: 787
I heard this morning that WB are withdrawing their summer blockbuster Swordfish from cinemas as a sign of respect for the people who lost their lives on Tuesday.

The reason for this is the blowing up of a city block, including a skyscraper, in part of the movie. This scene was one of the best of the movie, with amazing rotation and excellent special effects. It was, for me, one of the crowning points of this amazing movie.

Why question is why do this? why withdraw a film that so many people enjoy? It's spent ages at the box office, because people like me go and see it again. The acting is superb, from the likes of John Travolta and Halle Berry, the plot original and the special effets superb. Simply put, I loved it.

Yet WB have somehow linked the aformentioned scene with the tradegy at the World Trade Centre. But what about the other movies that mention this? In the Matrix, a helicopter crashs into a tower block. In Die Hard 2, a plane is hijacked. Countless movies are based on this principle. To withdraw one, surely you have to withdraw them all. And this returns us to the main question. Why do this?

I appreciate the extreme sorrow people all around the world feel at this tradegy. I myself feel horrified by this. Tommorrow has been set as a day of mourning for Europe, and a 3 minute silence will be observed at 11:00. I'll be at school, but I'll do my best to keep to this. I hope others will too. George Bush has promised retribution on the attackers.
In the midst of this, WB withdraw Swordfish. I think this is a trivial matter. Sure, we all want to show our respect, admiration and sympathy for the American people, but is withdrawing a movie the best way to do this? People still want to enjoy themselves. Enjoying yourself distracts and helps move people on from the devestation that has happened. I think Swordfish should remain in cinemas, another great film for people to enjoy, laugh about and be amazed at when trying to take thier minds off what has happened.

I'm saying forget what has happened. Tuesday should be remembered and mourned. I also appreciate WB wanting to show their respect. I just don't think withdrawing a movie is the best way to do this.

What do you think? I'm sure some of you have seen Swordfish. When you think of it, does it at all remind you of the World Trade Centre. It doesn't for me. It's simply a trivial matter that has become embroiled in the uproar. Trivial things are trivial, but they also matter. As horrible as Tuesday was, we can't allow it to consume everything.

I apologise if anyone has found this offensive or disrespectful. Please, I didn't mean it like that.

Thanks for reading, Stryke.
Sun 16/09/01 at 01:15
"Look!!! Changed!!!1"
Posts: 2,072
misterhappy wrote:
You may not like it but things are going
> to be postponed or cancelled. Eventually they will get back to
> normal but only when we have left a suitable time to remeber and can
> be happy with ourselves forgetting. (I'm saying that in a bitter
> tone). Returning to normal life is tantamount to forgetting that the
> events at the WTC and the Pentagon happened. And we shouldn't do
> so.

That's not what anyone is saying at all. I'm not saying the reaction is over the top as it will inconvenience me. What I am saying is that the double standards shown are totally ludicrous. Like I said, 100,000 people were killed in the Indian earthquakes just nine months ago. Was there a huge media frenzy surrounding this? Were TV schedules changed and British bands playing the Indian nation anthem?

Nope. Maybe they should have been. Maybe everybody should have stopped and took three minutes to think about the 100,000 people that were killed then. That's just one example. Difference is, this tragedy involved rich people like us, easily demonised villains and there is lots of dramatic TV footage.

Everybody has had cause to reflect over the last week. For me the contrast was clearly drawn and displayed that we're far too insulated in the West. The media/public reaction says 5,000 American lives are worth more than 100,000 Indians, or the Middle East suicide bombers victims, or the victims of Ethnic Cleansing in Kosovo and the hundreds of thousands of other people killed in the world every year who don't get even a measly two seconds thought from us. Iím not saying donít think about the hellish events of Tuesday, just remember that it sadly isnít as exceptional as youíd think.
Sat 15/09/01 at 23:37
Posts: 16,548
Tiltawhirl wrote:
> Nice title for a topic

*hides the laughter*

I agree, heh, stupid title.
Sat 15/09/01 at 22:47
"funky blitzkreig"
Posts: 2,540
Maybe the world shouldn't grind to a halt, but we shouldn't appear if we've forgotten..

An extract from a poem by Anthony Thwaite called Mr Cooper:

An yet I turned it over. On the back
Were just three words in rather smudgy black
Soft pencil: MR COOPER - DEAD. The year

Grew wakly green outside, in blackened trees,
We Grass by statues. It was ten to ten
In March in Manchester. Now, ill at ease
And made unsure of sense and judgement when
Three words could throw me, I walked back into
The bar, where nothing much had happened since
I'd left. A man was trying to convince
Another man that somehow someone knew

Something that someone else had somehow done.
Two women sat and drank the lagers they
Were drinking when I'd gone. If anyone
Knew I was there, or had been, or might stay,
They didn't show it. Good night, I almost said,
Went out to find the rain had stopped, walked back
To my hotel, and felt the night, tall, black,
Above tall roofs. And Mr Cooper dead.

Now you can say I'm being stupid if you want but the reason that things are being cancelled is that half of showing respect is showing you remember. If we don't cancel films or sporting events then life might go on but there is nothing worse than being forgotten as, I think, the poem shows.

You may not like it but things are going to be postponed or cancelled. Eventually they will get back to normal but only when we have left a suitable time to remeber and can be happy with ourselves forgetting. (I'm saying that in a bitter tone). Returning to normal life is tantamount to forgetting that the events at the WTC and the Pentagon happened. And we shouldn't do so.
Sat 15/09/01 at 22:20
Posts: 21,800
Nice title for a topic

*hides the laughter*
Sat 15/09/01 at 22:18
"I am your father"
Posts: 537
What is all of this about? How can a film be held in a way you could say responsible for the death of thousands. A bit drastic maybe.
Sat 15/09/01 at 20:27
Posts: 16,548
Gonzo - Well said mate. Though I don't like to say it in the wake of what's just happened - the USA is being hypocritical.
Sat 15/09/01 at 19:25
"Look!!! Changed!!!1"
Posts: 2,072
I think it smacks of hyporicy. I think everybody can see why an American company would act this way - we all know the details of Tuesdays tragedy. However, there have been suicide bombers killing hunderes in the Isrial/general Middle East conflict in exactly the manner of Swordfish both before and after its lauch.

The range of items being pulled is totally ludicrous and ultimately they will slowly filter back. What leaves a bad taste in the mouth is how Americans only react to tragidies in their own countries - the Indian earthquake at the start of the year killed at least 100,000 people. Was there a big media reaction to this? As well as the pulling of sensitive titles (of which there was none) how many people actually even knew it happened?

Don't get me wrong - am not saying what happened on Tuesday was anything other than a needless disaster that makes me feel ashamed to be a member of the race that commided the crime. However, some of the reactions are going over the top.
Fri 14/09/01 at 20:58
Posts: 0
Many people's lives have been sadly lost or ruined because of Tuesdays disaster but this doesn't mean the world should come to a hault. By taking Swordfish and the Spiderman trailer away, they are causing more grief. People would much rather pick up the pieces and continue living their lives.The three minute silence was a good idea but having virtually every TV channel showing live coverage was a mistake. The public would like to come to terms with this event in their own way, rather than large corporate companies promoting it.
Fri 14/09/01 at 17:40
"Dunemaul NE Hunter"
Posts: 549
I think taking off a movie for that reason is a bit over the top.
Fri 14/09/01 at 17:20
Posts: 16,548
Now lots of groups/artists are postponing world tours, Tiger Woods has pulled out of the Paris tournament, the American Davis Cup tie is off, and serious doubts are over the Ryder Cup..hmmm.

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