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"Voodoo Vince"

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Sat 18/10/03 at 22:23
"ATAT Supremo"
Posts: 6,238
Picked the game up yesterday and after finishing my NFL Fever 2004 season, I put this game on. Really enjoying it so far. ;-) The voodoo powers are cool and its a pretty sound platform game with decent graphics and sense of humour to it (mind you a game with a voodoo doll as a character would really).

Just got past the first boss and I'm having a break from it for a little while. Great little game though so far. ;-)
Anyone else picked this up ?
Tue 28/10/03 at 21:50
Posts: 13,611
If it was completely and utterly miles better than Blinx then I might consider it :D
Tue 28/10/03 at 19:59
"ATAT Supremo"
Posts: 6,238
I rate it as better than Blinx. ;-)
Tue 28/10/03 at 18:40
Posts: 13,611
How does it compare to Blinx?
Sat 25/10/03 at 20:28
"ATAT Supremo"
Posts: 6,238
Hi mate. ;-)

Haven't seen you on here for awhile. ;-))
Fri 24/10/03 at 00:12
"facepartyid prodigy"
Posts: 623
Hey Sav.. Guess who's back :D
Tue 21/10/03 at 10:43
Posts: 5,848
I think this game is original, I know it is very contoversial at the minute, but think, how many other games star a voodoo doll in a platformer?
Well, I can't think of any other games.
Also aren't all games formulaic? I mean how many different genres are there and how many sequels come out? To an extent all games are the same as they all try and better each other with graphics and lastability.
Give Voodoo Vince a chance and you will be presently surprised. Vodoo Vince is fun and looks good. Try it and see.
Mon 20/10/03 at 19:11
"ATAT Supremo"
Posts: 6,238
But then what games aren't repetitive in the long run ? FPS games just have you shooting people again and again, fighting games are just round after round of the same moves, racing games just have you doing the same thing around various circuits.

In my opinion, Voodoo Vince is just as original as any other title really. It all comes down to if you enjoy the kind of gameplay it offers. Of course you have the typical platform ingredients to the game, but you also get the little sub level stuff that includes riding a plane, the rat rodeo boss and riding a basket along washing lines, etc.
Plus of course there are the voodoo powers that add some fun to things and unlike a lot of platform games, collecting the various stuff actually helps you beyond simply earning an extra life. 100 blue bottles gives you an extra notch onto your life bar, collecting the pages in each level unlocks a skull which you can then chase down to be rewarded with an extra storage for voodoo powers, then of course the voodoo icons unlock new powers.
So when I'm playing through the levels, I try to make sure I find everything in the level cause it helps for later on.

I like this game a lot - plus I have Wallace and Gromit to carry on with too which is another decent platform game. :-)
Looking forward to Whiplash when it comes out. :-)
Sun 19/10/03 at 20:02
"  "
Posts: 7,549
I thought the demo was alright, but it's not the sort of game that I would play to the end. Kinda repetitive.
Sun 19/10/03 at 17:21
"ATAT Supremo"
Posts: 6,238
Yeah I'm off to Florida for christmas for a month so I really have to get money ready for that. Thing is, theres plenty of titles I want, so take any chances of winning a GAD sometime soon, I'm gonna be having to work out which are the most important. Either that or wipe myself out with overtime at work, which I really should do anyway.

So far off the top of my head, I've gotta find a handful of titles from this lot that are most important...

Top Spin
Amped 2
GTA 3 + Vice City
Counter Strike
Rainbow Six 3
TOCA Race Driver Live
Outlaw Vollyball
Sun 19/10/03 at 16:09
Posts: 21,800
Savatt78 wrote:
> Its not my fault Tilt - damn XBox, it just keeps realeasing great
> title after great title - it just won't let me live !!!

I know the feeling, there's about 6 Xbox Live games coming out in the next 2 months that i want to get my hands on. God knows how I'm gonna afford them and how I'm gonna have time to play them.

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