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"How fantastic is The Simpsons: Hit and Run?"

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Wed 12/11/03 at 16:11
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The fourth entry in the "how fantastic" series looks at the recently released Simpsons: Hit and Run video game.

Lets face it this game is just the dogs testicles. I mean if you like the Simpsons and like GTA (which is about 99% of us) then you're just going to want to spend several nights of passion with this game.

Granted it gets repetitive but it is soo funny, an involving storyline and a hell of a lot to collect and do.

"Walk! That wasn't part of the deal"
Tue 18/11/03 at 10:30
"hit the road jack"
Posts: 2,538
I unlocked a multiplayer game when I finshed the missions with Apu.
Mon 17/11/03 at 15:45
Posts: 8,220
Ah well, I just can't be bummed with exploring. I'll go look for cars and do the minigames, but itchy and scratchy or not, it just doesn't seem fun.

Oh no, the minigames are only available for getting all the cards, aren't they?

Mon 17/11/03 at 11:22
"hit the road jack"
Posts: 2,538
I don't want to rush through the missions without exploring and collecting. Im half way through Barts second lot of missions and dont want to go much further until im up to date with the gags, collector cards and races.
Mon 17/11/03 at 11:19
Posts: 18,185
Tiltawhirl wrote:
> The collector cards are easy to find, if you don't get them all then
> you won't get to see the Itchy and Scratchy cartoon.

Tis true...

read my walkthrough it tells you how to get them :D
Mon 17/11/03 at 11:18
Posts: 10,437
Not got enough money for Hit & Run... gonna wait for the XBox version.
Mon 17/11/03 at 11:17
Posts: 21,800
The collector cards are easy to find, if you don't get them all then you won't get to see the Itchy and Scratchy cartoon.
Mon 17/11/03 at 11:16
Posts: 18,185
Still had the exploration element.
Mon 17/11/03 at 04:05
Posts: 8,220
Heh. Got it and completed it.
Not done all the races or found all the vehicles yet though. But I won't be bothering with the collector cards - somehow that doesn't sound fun.

It wasn't all that similar to vice city really. Still a good game though.
Sat 15/11/03 at 03:05
Posts: 18,185

*Goes to find secret cars*

*Remembers Mario Kart*

*Changes mind*

Stop casting such doubt master er-no!

Legend that you are.
Thu 13/11/03 at 22:37
Posts: 4,279
The Nightboat is on Lisa's level if I remember correctly. Goto the boardwalk and theres a large boat parked in the dock. It's ontop on this boat and theres three ways to get up. You can figure out how to get up yourself.

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