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Thu 11/12/03 at 23:14
"699 days!"
Posts: 843
I have completely lost myself from the games circuit for the last year. I have a gamecube (US import to play all types games with freeloader). If I were to get five games for the gamecube other then Pikmin, Luigi's Mansion and Smash Brothers, which should I get? Assume I have no preferences about types of games, which is true.
Sat 13/12/03 at 12:04
Posts: 10,437
I prefer Prime to Zelda too, although I should go back to bopth to fully complete them. I got up to the Omega Pirate on Hard on Prime, but I don't think I managed even reaching the first dungeon before I moved onto the next game.
Sat 13/12/03 at 09:20
Posts: 154
No I just rather Metroid Prime over Zelda, maybe because i havent played Zelda as much...
Fri 12/12/03 at 10:25
Posts: 15,443
I think I now why he gave Zelda 1% less than the other two - because it's cel shaded.

Oh, the pain!
Fri 12/12/03 at 10:24
Posts: 15,443
Damn, the in house dev team for MK must be kicking themselves.

"Why didn't we add Mario steaming up next to the Princess?"
Fri 12/12/03 at 10:22
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
I'm thinking the steam effect on the visor adds that extra 1%
Fri 12/12/03 at 10:20
Posts: 15,443
Wow, I just think it's amazing you can distinguish between what is 98% and 99% in a game. Well done.
Fri 12/12/03 at 09:26
Posts: 154
5 Games your in for some good fun and mind stressing activity.

I would choose:
Metroid Prime - Top game, gameplay is amazing, the graphics will blow your mind, farely hard, still havent had time to accomplish the ending of the game. My Score for the Game |99%|

Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker: Very good, cel chading effect, good in game fighting My score |97%|

Mario Kart : Double Dash: Fun.....two riders per kart, amazing, fun never stops, My score |98%|
Fri 12/12/03 at 09:21
Posts: 23,695
DrDragon wrote:
> Is Mario Kart really worth getting? Edge sort of panned it!
> Thanks though!

Yes, it's well worth it.

Edge are just stingy fools that don't enjoy playing games.

Other games would be F-Zero GX, Super Monkey Ball 2, Wind Waker and Metroid Prime.

Should last you, ooooh, at least a year.
Thu 11/12/03 at 23:18
Posts: 3,611
Ah Metroid indeed, shiny. Timesplitters 2 is damn good as well.
Thu 11/12/03 at 23:17
"699 days!"
Posts: 843
Is Mario Kart really worth getting? Edge sort of panned it!
Thanks though!

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