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Thu 18/12/03 at 21:40
"High polygon count"
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I'm getting it for Christmas.

Any good? Better than MoH?
Thu 01/01/04 at 16:07
"High polygon count"
Posts: 15,624
You were right... bloody amazing game!
Fri 19/12/03 at 12:51
"A man with a stick"
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Call of Duty is a fantastic game, very short but I did go back more than once just play through it all again. Medal of Honor has nothing on it, all the cinematic, team AI and vehicular missions are done in COD with so much polish that you'll soon forget EA's more sub standard effort.

It does have it's down point, a couple of generic missions and one or two levels where you fight alone are perhaps the parts of the game which drag a bit, but much of the game does make up for it such as the panic endued, but incredibly exciting defending of Pegasus Bridge where you and a few British chums have to fight off a huge German counter attack and the harrowing river crossing mission as the Russians which makes the Omaha Beach level seem like a leisurely stroll in comparison.

Great game, in fact just talking about it makes me want to play it again.
Fri 19/12/03 at 10:08
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Fri 19/12/03 at 01:47
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Well they're in two different leagues. Better comparing Allied Assault with Call of Duty. Which CoD would have won.
Fri 19/12/03 at 01:46
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I took Rising Sun back and traded it in for Call of Duty.

Do I regret doing that? Hell no.

'Nuff said.
Thu 18/12/03 at 23:08
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It's much better than MoH.

But I hate the online.
Thu 18/12/03 at 22:57
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Well a few of people in my clan for Return to castle Wolfenstein, and some of them say that it's total crap, and prefer erturn to castle wolfenstein and enemy territory, and the others think that it is better, but everyone says it's to slow! hope that helped, lol
Thu 18/12/03 at 22:52
"Picking a winner!"
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I'd say its better than MoH. More varied and some of the intros for each level are class.
Plays very well.
Thu 18/12/03 at 22:19
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Got the game...never played MoH so I can't really have an opinion on wether it's better or not. Doesn't matter, still a great game and it's good online too, currently playing it more online then CS!
Thu 18/12/03 at 21:45
"Tornado Of Souls"
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I'm getting it too. Was impressed by the demo, it was much better than MoH's.

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