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"Future Media for Games"

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Wed 31/12/03 at 19:55
"Bond - James Bond"
Posts: 113
Whatever the future hold for gaming, I have one important suggestion to give to the gaming industry.
While optical discs store a large amount of data, and are suitable for gaming, they fall short of one thing - durability.
Optical discs (CDs, DVDs) can be ruined through a single scratch, wasting someone's hard earned money. My suggestion is to use some kind of protection for optical discs. Here is how it can be done -
Specially designed transparent and light plastic cases might be designed to envelope the disc, so it can be made safe of scratches. Any damages would hurt the plastic cover, and when it becomes unfit, it can be detached and a new one can be put into use. It is a simple idea, but somebody who really matters should ponder about it.
Sat 31/01/04 at 14:30
"100% Sonic fan"
Posts: 908
here is an idea:

make games on memory cards or whatever.

them usb pendrives dont take much to build and they dont scratch
you can get 5 gigabytes on some of them.

they take up less space less power needeed. consoles could be be built smaller and best of all cheap!

so why note ditch the cd and dvd and get the pen drives
Sat 24/01/04 at 23:22
"aka memo aaka gayby"
Posts: 11,948
J Nash is just so racist.
Sat 24/01/04 at 11:42
Posts: 3,617
Dharav wrote:
> How did this ****ing man got a notable status?

1) I don't like you.
2) HE happens to be amusing.
3) YOU'VE got a fat face.
Wed 14/01/04 at 23:21
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Icarus wrote:
> We voted for him, or the staff did.

Bwahahaahhah. ahem. Oh come on, has everyone had their sense of humour removed on this forum....
Mon 12/01/04 at 11:48
Posts: 15,443
We voted for him, or the staff did.
Mon 12/01/04 at 11:41
"Bond - James Bond"
Posts: 113
pb wrote:
> Every game in the future will be stored in special Jams which you
> spread on your console (made from bread).

How did this ****ing man got a notable status?
Wed 07/01/04 at 16:44
Posts: 3,617
Dharav wrote:
> Aoe wrote:
> Good idea. But i have a BETTER plan!
> Make the games out of diamond = no scracthes (unless you have sharp
> diamonds lying around the place)
> Theoritically, this is the best option one can have. But practically,
> it would be very expensive, you know it too. You could buy 10
> original copies of the game in DVDs for 1 Diamond Disc.

Really? That's some cheap sht diamond.
Wed 07/01/04 at 14:16
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Every game in the future will be stored in special Jams which you spread on your console (made from bread).
Tue 06/01/04 at 10:57
"Bond - James Bond"
Posts: 113
EL B wrote:
> It's not a bad idea actually, for an extra 1 or something (they
> shouldn't make it too expencive) games could be made to last longer.
> I like the idea.
1 would be "expensive" in some ways. You can consider buying them 3 for 2 or 10 for 3 or something like that. I think 2 or 3 should come along with the original game.
Mon 05/01/04 at 14:02
"Was max powers"
Posts: 85
The problem is finding something thats easier to and cheaper to produce than balnk cd cases.

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