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"Anything worth buying on PS2?"

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Sun 04/01/04 at 13:25
"Just Bog Standard.."
Posts: 4,589
Last night I went back to playing my PS2 for a while, and I had a look at my collection of games for it. Out of around 25 games, I'm only ever going to play about 3 of them again!


So I'm probably going to sell most of my games, but obviously I need to upgrade my collection. Since I haven't used my PS2 in a while I'm not exactly up to date with recent releases, or even future releases.

So apart from the 3 exclusives above, obviously, is there anything else, PS2 exlusive, that is worth buying?

Wed 07/01/04 at 00:11
Posts: 1,076
The most important exclusive games in 2004 are : mgs3 , onimusha 3 , ffx-2 , Gran Turismo 4 , Kill Zone , Castlevania
Sun 04/01/04 at 21:57
Posts: 329
Monkey_With_Attitude wrote:
> Erm, Destruction Derby...ROCKS!

Arenas doesn't, thats just average unless they've sorted it out (and they've had quite some time to improve it)
Sun 04/01/04 at 20:20
"Just Bog Standard.."
Posts: 4,589
Oh Destruction Derby, that'll be added to the list. I have Destruction Derby 2 and it's still one of my favourite racers.
Sun 04/01/04 at 20:03
"Uzi Lover"
Posts: 7,403
Erm, Destruction Derby...ROCKS!
Sun 04/01/04 at 19:51
Posts: 13,611
Destruction Derby! That takes me back!

Is Arenas looking any good? Is it just PS2 exclusive?
Sun 04/01/04 at 19:49
Posts: 15,443
Great, so what about the rest of the game?

I'm not playing down its chances of being the best FPS on the PS2 - it probably will be - but the best in history?
Sun 04/01/04 at 19:43
"I love J-42"
Posts: 149
FantasyMeister wrote:

> Depends what sort of games you like though. For racers you've got
> Destruction Derby Arenas coming out this month (

Thanks, totally forgot I had that already pre ordered, comes out on the 9th of this month apparently.

Sun 04/01/04 at 19:13
"Copyright: FM Inc."
Posts: 10,338
...and just to give you some inkling of how great Killzone is going to be, this is what Jan de Man (sound and music: Killzone) had to say in a recent interview with about just one sound effect (try and remember that this is a first person shooter...):

"I got to work on an animation in which the player character draws out a knife, flips it in the air and throws it in an unsuspecting Helghast's neck. Gurgling his own blood in surprise, he is then subjected to the player pulling it from his throat sideways, while being punched in the chest to get some extra leeway to get the knife out. While working on an animation like this I always try to identify the key elements first; the knife pull and throw, the insert and pull-out, and the punch; the rest is just secondary. Looking at it, I realized I had most elements on file, except for the gurgling. I suspended a mic from a stand up high so that I had to look up to face it; I then screamed at it as if my family jewels were on fire, while pouring water down my throat; messy but effective.

"After getting the right gurgle noises, I recorded some sweeps by sweeping a bendy stick past the microphone; this combined with some bamboo swishes from my library created the right swish noise for the knife being thrown. The impacts are a combination of library noises; a bayonet insert, a bone crack, a mud squish, a metal impact etc. Pulling this all together resulted in one of the most gratifying kills you can make in the game!"

Source: previews.
Sun 04/01/04 at 18:52
"Copyright: FM Inc."
Posts: 10,338
Icarus wrote:
> FantasyMeister wrote:
> until Killzone (biggest shooter in the history of gaming, basically)
> What about Half Life, Doom, Halo (and all their sequels)?

They are but specks of dust in the twinkling eye of Killzone.
Sun 04/01/04 at 17:04
Posts: 15,443
FantasyMeister wrote:

> until Killzone (biggest shooter in the history of gaming, basically)

What about Half Life, Doom, Halo (and all their sequels)?

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