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"Donkey Konga no European release?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Donkey Konga'.
Thu 29/01/04 at 10:45
Posts: 18,185


Could this be true?

No America and European release for some Kong drumming action????


Do I have to import? AWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Dang nabbit, curse you Namco.
Mon 02/02/04 at 17:49
"50 BLM,30 SMN,25 RD"
Posts: 2,299
And it should have been on the Dreamcast, dagnabbit.
Mon 02/02/04 at 17:48
"50 BLM,30 SMN,25 RD"
Posts: 2,299
Yes but as a big Sega fan I wasn't going to let anyone go by the misconception that SMB is a Nintendo creation. :-)
Mon 02/02/04 at 17:10
"Dont come here ofte"
Posts: 4,264
haven't read all the chat but this week only, are selling the game and drum controller for $50, cheap eh.
Mon 02/02/04 at 16:54
Posts: 18,185
Nintendo as in the consoles not as the company... he was using Nintendo to describe the entire company...

Monkey Ball is an exclusive Gamecube title...

Thusly further proves his point that Nintendo is for kids....

The company certainly isn't for kids.

Doesn't take chuck berry.
Mon 02/02/04 at 16:26
"50 BLM,30 SMN,25 RD"
Posts: 2,299
Just being picky :

"Monkey Ball further proves his point that Nintendo are for kids..."
Mon 02/02/04 at 16:21
Posts: 18,185
What's that got to do anything? I was only illustarting the point the dafter the game the more willing the mass market are to play the games...

And Monkey Ball is one daft game.
Mon 02/02/04 at 15:27
"50 BLM,30 SMN,25 RD"
Posts: 2,299
Of course Monkey Ball is a Sega game, but you knew that right.
Sat 31/01/04 at 11:22
Posts: 18,185
Untitled wrote:
> look, the fact is donky konga may be fun at first, but after the
> novelty had worn off you would only play it once a year when the
> family came round for christmas, and your mates would probably think
> it was sad and babyishm and wouldnt want to play it even if it was
> good,

You'll be surprised at my generation, the more daft and stupid a game looks the more they want to play it.

My girlfriend couldn't wait to come over and play Monkey Ball... and as she played it she was giggling all the way through it. Fantastic laugh.

My brother is the same, he'll tell me Monkey Ball further proves his point that Nintendo are for kids... then he gets his mates round for a blast of Monkey Bowling... before declaring he doesn't like it.

Sat 31/01/04 at 11:20
Posts: 18,185
The game will get boring after a while like every other game I own... it's no different... the multiplayer means it will be dusted off now and again...

Soul Calibur 2, Timesplitters 2, Mario Kart: DD, Worms 3D... all games I've completed and they get dusted off for a bit of Gamage.

Donkey Konga is set to be a fantastically addictive good laugh. It has had posititive reviews left right and centre and sold very well in Japan, it looks set to be one of Gamecube's best releases this year next to Resident Evil 4, Metroid Prime 2 and Pikmin 2.

I cannot wait.
Sat 31/01/04 at 10:55
Posts: 33,481
tphi wrote:

> Yes.. and you say this because you have the game and can give your
> views on it? No. In fact you even say "we don't want it cos it
> looks crap".
> Pathetic.

Flawed logic.

It's obvious this game is aimed at the general masses and not at hardcore gamers (unless you're a dance mat fetishist or something). It does look like a novelty game that will tire quickly, perhaps it won't be, but experience leads others to believe that it will.

Mind you though I can't comprehend why people drool over the eyetoy, the games look about as appealing as sandpaper loo rolls! ;D

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