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"Sonic 4"

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Thu 04/02/10 at 12:05
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As the number one Sonic fan on Freeola it gives me great pleasure to announce Sonic 4.
Sun 17/10/10 at 23:52
"Short Attention Sp"
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It's not sluggishness that is the problem. It is the complete and utter removal of momentum. That is what made Sonic so great. It wasn't just that it was fast, it was that you had to earn the fast. Once the fast had been achieved, the skill was in keeping it going, and speed running levels was a joy as a result. Bouncing off the correct enemy to reach the faster path, jumping at the exact pixel to allow you to remain in a ball when the dragonfly appeared thus allowing you to kill it instead of just colliding and losing all your rings, smashing through the wall instantly instead of having to stop and spin dash just to get the speed up. What have we got now? A Sonic that can go from full speed to vertical drop inside 1 second.

It's not right. It's not Sonic. Make no mistake about it, those long sections where you did nothing but watch scenery fly past were fun, but they were much more fun when they were as a result of your work instead of being the inevitable result of a level built entirely around the concept of doing that as often as possible. Ever since Sonic went 3D, this has been the problem. Sadly, this one just feels like more of the same, and a great opportunity has been squandered.
Sun 17/10/10 at 17:32
"possibly impossible"
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Thing is, the early games had few sluggish moments and those were considered the worst part, so you'd think Sega would have learnt not to put them in any new game.

However, after playing demos on PS3 and 360 and full game on iPhone I prefer the iPhone version overall.
Sat 16/10/10 at 14:23
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got the vodafone sharing dock this morning and it works a treat, got the ps3 online in seconds and gonna get me some sonic 4 :D

i dont inderstand the comments about sonics sluggishness though, he was always sluggish in the old games to a degree, thats just a sonic thing! youd feel like getting into the screen and giving him a push start sometimes, well i did anyway!
Fri 15/10/10 at 09:13
"And in last place.."
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I played the trial last night and I'm torn on this one. It certainly looks the part but as Lee has suggested, it just doesn't quite feel right. It's like Sonic has lead boots on, he is sluggish to get going, there seems little momentum when rolling at times... I'm disappointed but I want to like it.
Thu 14/10/10 at 18:02
"Tip The Scales"
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I can confirm that it downloaded fine on my girlfriends PS3 so you could technically share it with friends etc. However, I should mention that the T&C do state the conditions you can do so, and must say that Freeola doesn't actively encourage filesharing ;)
Thu 14/10/10 at 10:52
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As predicted, I couldn't help buying this yesterday. It seems a hell of a lot of other people did too as the 170Mb file took ages to download on my fairly decent connection.

It's pretty damn good though. Only finished the first 3 acts and first boss so far. The Splash Hills Zone brings back some fond memories, though it's more headache-inducing than I remember, but that's probably because my TV has increased in size by about 30 inches since 15 years ago.

Anyone know if this acts like regular downloaded content (PSN), meaning I can share it with a few friends? Can't see why not.
Wed 13/10/10 at 17:07
"Short Attention Sp"
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Ellie Gibson's review at Eurogamer is brilliant! How it relates to the game doesn't matter, it is just the best piece of games writing it has been my pleasure to read this year.

My own take on the game, going purely from the Live Arcade demo, is that it feels wrong. The physics are just not quite there, and the sense of momentum is simply not present. I have seen Sonic come to a dead stop on his way up a loop, and I have also had to go back and dash start for no apparent reason. However, I have been told by people that Splash Hill Zone is pure nostalgia service, and that the game gets a lot better once that is complete.

And therein lies the problem. At 800 MS points I would have downloaded without trialling. At 1200, I hesitated. Now, if the demo truly is not a representation of the game itself, then SEGA have shot themselves somewhat in the foot.
Wed 13/10/10 at 16:25
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Due to current time constraints I'll probably download the demo, wait for all episodes to be released, then get a collection disc/download for a fraction of the price :D
Wed 13/10/10 at 10:13
Posts: 791
I will definitely be snapping this up!
Wed 13/10/10 at 09:15
"And in last place.."
Posts: 2,054
It does seem to be getting some positive reviews. Unless the trial puts me off, I reckon I'll be getting this at some point.

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