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"Are you experienced? Well that's just too bad!"

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Tue 02/03/04 at 03:07
Posts: 9,848
It looks like it's coming towards the end of the line for me, as far as gaming goes. It's been going down hill ever since... well... ever since either Goldeneye or Pokémon Red... or maybe WWF No Mercy...

I can't remember the exact ups and downs, but I remember there being about 6 months between finishing Conker's Bad Fur Day and getting my mitts on the Gamecube, and by then something had changed.

Gaming stopped being THE most important thing in my life and from there, although I didn't really notice it at the time, I slowly started losing all interest.

Infact, the most fun I've had from gaming recently is a heavy hit of nostalgia (although Metroid Prime has managed to very pleasantly surprise me, but I know that if I'd played this game 2 years ago, pleasantly surprised would be the biggest understatement ever).

I just don't enjoy games like I used to.
And I know why.
It's because I've more or less seen it all now.

I rememer when I first played Goldeneye, it was all fresh and exciting.
Sure, I'd played FPS before but they were crap and lifeless in comparison.
The 4 player splitscreen multiplayer, the intense single player missions which changed drastically with each difficulty setting.

But that wasn't it.
Because I'd never played a game like this before everything was new and unexplored. Everything was interesting and intruiging.
Shooting glass and watching it shatter. Shooting a guards had off, sniping unsuspecting guards from a distance, playing with glitches, exploring all possibilities with cheats (sending guards flying with explosives was HILARIOUS) and messing around with the AI.

Perfect Dark came along and nearly bettered it in nearly every way.
There were almost infinately more possibilities, only... other than the parts that were completely new from Goldeneye (like the Carrington Institute target range), I'd seen or done it all before.
And besides, when it came to FPS, I was an expert gamer now. Now I played to win, to beat it, more than I played for fun.

Sure, it had moments where I would mess around, but very few compared to Goldeneye. I'd become too experienced to enjoyed the simple pleasures in the game.

Take Pokémon Red.
The first RPG I ever played through.
This game also had it all.

Sure, the fighting system was fairly simplistic to the likes of Final Fantasy, but with so many monsters with so many different strengths and weaknesses, this sort of made it work better.
I must've spent over 500+ hours on that game (the in game clock stopped working after 256 hours and I think I passed that atleast twice - two play throughs).

Even after I finished the story, I then went about tracking down the rare Pokémon (like Zapdos and Mewtwo) and catching every single last Pokémon in the game (unlike that amature Ash, I DID catch them all! - although due to the nature of the game, I DID have to trade for some of them...).
And while I mastered the entire game, gradually learning about all the different types of Pokémon, their strengths and weaknesses, what moves they learn, where you can find them, I also spent countless hours training my super-teams to level 100.

Yeah it sounds sad now, but at the time I was totally hooked.

Sure, I got Pokémon Gold before it even reached our shores (regional lock-outs on the Gameboy! :-) ) and it was better in almost every way (starting with the fact that it was in beautiful full colour rather than everything in shades of red! :-D) but when I'd finished the story, I still spent countless hours finding the last Pokémon and training more "super teams" but the new one never made it to Level 100, and although I caught all 251, most of them were traded from my old Red game, and throughout the whole game, rather than simply enjoying the adventure, I'd, in many places, been playing to beat it, scouring for secrets and basically playing like the pro-gamer I'd become.

Such has been the nature of all games I've played before.
With Mario 64 I spent hours playing with Mario's 3D jumping tricks. With Mario Sunshine, I did that a fair bit at first (that Delphino City place is great fun for jumping on roofs) but the novelty wore out faster.
With Zelda 64 I scoured the landscape for every last heart piece and Skultula.
With Majora's Mask I didn't bother with the last heart pieces and Windwaker I stopped playing once I beat the story (I did briefly start again for a re-run with the special "hero of time" mode but got bored quickly).
The original Smash Brother's was played to death as I mastered every last character and got a high score for all of them (getting over a million points of each of the 14 - and NGC gave a raving mention + prize to an amature who only managed it with 13! :-P).
Smash Brother's Melée had more moves and modes of play and infinite possibilities and has probably clocked up the most gameplay out of all my Gamecube games but was barely played compared to the exstensive play it's predecessor got.
Heck, Timesplitters 2 had it all, but bar the few new twists (mostly involving that genius flaming system) I'd played it all before.

The game I've enjoyed the most recently, were ones that I'd not played anything like - Metroid Prime, Commandos and Pikmin namely.
Even then, they would've impressed me a lot more in the day.

I'm too experienced.
After all I used to say on here about never growing up, that's what happened. I never quite left Cloud Cuckoo Land... Cloud Cuckoo Land just gradually turned into a whole new place...

Time for something fresh, something new, something I've not done to death.
And yeah... I resultantly got a life... shame on me! :-S

It's not that I've given up games, or that I don't still enjoy them.
I do. I still play them a little more than I should...
But there WAS a time when a new game would be the important thing in my life, would capture my mind in a way that I could not think of anything else (VERY dangerous during exam time! :-S).

now they're just games.

So how experienced are you?
Wed 14/04/04 at 03:16
Posts: 9,848
HIS an idiot?!?!?!?




[S]sorry, getting carried away a bit! :-D
Wed 14/04/04 at 03:15
Posts: 9,848
My an idiot?!?!?

Wed 14/04/04 at 01:34
"everyone says it"
Posts: 14,738
Your an idiot.
Tue 23/03/04 at 10:25
Posts: 146
er-no wrote:
> Your an idiot.

Surely you mean...

'You're an idiot'

To my knowledge, I don't own any idiots. However, the word 'your' implies that the subject matter of the statement (the 'idiot' in this case I assume) is mine.

Did you skip English class to write that mate. Bad move. You need all the help you can get.


However, I have since realised that this argument should never have started. You called me patronising, to which I took exception, and replied accordingly. Although it seems you don’t actually know what the word means, as I wasn’t being patronising in the first place. I was simply pointing out that you may have been slightly, shall we say, economical with the true with regard to how long you have been playing video games.

So it would seem you math and English skills are at about the same level. Oh well, at 18 you still have plenty of time to catch up.

Now, this message on the other hand, is incredibly patronising. You however, will probably think it is ‘ironic’ or something :-D
Mon 22/03/04 at 17:44
"everyone says it"
Posts: 14,738
Your an idiot.
Mon 22/03/04 at 10:02
Posts: 146
er-no wrote:
> Strafio wrote:
> :-)
> Not you Dan, it was directed at SafeDisk who was being patronising.

Only to people who deserve it. And it appears you most certainly do. lol

Kids make me laugh.
Sun 21/03/04 at 22:12
"everyone says it"
Posts: 14,738
Strafio wrote:
> Metroid Prime surprised me too recently.
> But these delights become fewer and further between.
> Prince of Persia?
> Is that one to look out for then?

Get it, enjoy it a little for the first 80%. Then become enticed.
Sun 21/03/04 at 21:27
Posts: 9,848
Metroid Prime surprised me too recently.

But these delights become fewer and further between.

Prince of Persia?
Is that one to look out for then?
Sun 21/03/04 at 16:47
"everyone says it"
Posts: 14,738
No, some games still have it.

Prince of Persia - the last 45 mins of play - are superb.

Fantastic. An artform of video gaming. :)
Sun 21/03/04 at 03:13
Posts: 9,848
Sort of, but he didn't mean it like that.

He's got a point though.
I think he's got to the stage where although games don't rock his world anymore, he doesn't expect them too. And because he's all experienced in drinking and dating, that's lost it's sheen and gaming get's it's place again.

I know I'll never completely stop gaming, but it'll NEVER be the same as those endless arounds of Goldeneye/Smash Brothers/Perfect Dark/WWF No Mercy. But that's life. :-)

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