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"GBA SP and 007: Everything or Nothing (GC) first impressions..."

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Tue 02/03/04 at 12:29
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So not a bad start to the day. No dog sick or anything else to clean up and within an hour of getting up my new GBA SP and 007: Everything or Nothing arrived for my GameCube.

Firstly the SP is an extremely nice piece of equipment, it came with a copy of Scorpion King which is surprisingly decent even though it wouldn't have been my first choice of game. I was expecting an uncomfortable layout of the buttons however for me its actually better hold than the original GBA. I have signed up for a new account with Nintendo VIP and went through all my GameCube games which I haven't registered before. Have 1705 stars which isn't too bad for a mornings work!

Secondly I tried the new Bond game from the highly iratic EA Games. In the words of Albino Man, "This has restored my faith in EA"! Absolutely fantastic game from what I have played so far. I know firt impressions can be misleading but it really does feel like a Bond game true to its license. Agent Under Fire was quite fun in my opinion but it really did have serious flaws and problems to prevent it even being mentioned in the same vain as Golden Eye, as for Nightfire, my comments on this are probably best left locked away...

The atmosphere is very 'Golden Eye' like and it captures the magic of the classic N64 title from what I have played. I won't be too hasty though a I can't compare a game I have played for a couple of hours with one I spent hundreds of hours playing. From a single player point of view though it looks to carry on where Golden Eye left off. Instead of having loads of useless equipment you just have the rappel gear, spider bomb and your weapons which so far has been enough to capture the stylish Bond feel.

I will post a more in-depth opinion when I have had chance to clock it at least once.

So yes, great morning so far!
Sat 06/03/04 at 01:33
"Want a cd key.."
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Everything of Nothing, nothing (A - Nothing stylee!)

Looks great.

Really fun to play.

I played the part where you have to gets Jaws' tanker to stop. Well, it actually goes into the river!

It was excellent fun, on a bike, with a shotgun, rockets and flamethrower! You can wheelie, jump, endo, slide, this would make a great bike game!

Lol, I want to buy it. Now!
Fri 05/03/04 at 00:02
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You can picture a fat; posh woman with a flowery Mark's and Spencer dress running towards them with cleaning utensils shouting "shoo".

That my friend was a typo of genius proportions.
Thu 04/03/04 at 23:59
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Lol. :-D

Typo's are the best! :-D
Thu 04/03/04 at 23:30
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Strafio wrote:
> so you were better off just running towards them shooing.

Genius ;)

Shoo, shoo damn you!
Thu 04/03/04 at 23:25
Posts: 9,848

On that bit we all ran together into a desolate building with holes in the wall, and I got a clear shot at it from the rocket launcher from there, without having to risk anything...

Sometimes I'd sent troops in while I went around the side, but more often I ended up telling them to stay while I cleared the area so that they didn't get themselves killed.

What ruined it for me was that aiming was useless because other than the Sniper rifle, the accuracy was ZERO, so you were better off just running towards them shooing.

Perhaps it just didn't agree with me.
Thu 04/03/04 at 23:01
"gsybe you!"
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Some points of Freedom Fighters were unbelievably good.

Like the TV Station one. Fighting up the rubble of a street, sending your men out in all directions ahead of you while kicking the christ out of Sovs.

Then a tank appeared and you had to deploy your troops around to give you cover while you rocketed the silly thing......

It was just pure fun.
Wed 03/03/04 at 23:35
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No not the Underground engine. They modified one of the old PC game engines for it. It handles nothing like Underground.
Wed 03/03/04 at 22:52
Posts: 13,611
The car levels use the Need for Speed: Underground engine?

Oh dear.
Wed 03/03/04 at 22:40
Posts: 10,489
Which section of the game was the demo taken from?
Wed 03/03/04 at 22:38
"tokyo police club"
Posts: 12,540
Played the demo, and, to be honest, it was quite good.

nothing special, but, still...

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