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"How long?"

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Sat 24/06/06 at 17:58
Posts: 9,995
How long do you reckon it will take for a decent amount of people to start using this forum again?
Thu 06/07/06 at 14:46
Posts: 19,415
Thanks :D I think I'm the oldest regular now, the few older than me don't post anymore :(, maybe they'll be back in a few years, who knows :)
Thu 06/07/06 at 13:51
Posts: 6,702
Many thanks! It has indeed been a long time! 1800 days of posting on some excellent forums and over 2000 days registered.

You've been here even longer though, very impressive!
Thu 06/07/06 at 10:18
Posts: 19,415
Nice to have you back, had no idea you were registered over 2000 days, nice. :)
Thu 06/07/06 at 09:54
Posts: 6,702
Have tried again. Am thrilled. Have put an address in. Don't know why.
Mon 03/07/06 at 23:25
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
I don't know why you would want to register. That "snazzy" light red colour on your name makes you stand out, and seem important. :-D
Mon 03/07/06 at 16:00
Posts: 19,415
My details were already registered so it was as simple as logging in for me. As for giving your real home address, I think the worst Freeola will do is give you 30 of amazon/argos vouchers of course depending on any interesting discussion or articles you write :)

Glad to see more people returning to the forum :D
Mon 03/07/06 at 15:57
Posts: 938
Making a regular user verify their information more than five times in fifteen minutes is a bit of an inconvenience..
Mon 03/07/06 at 15:51
Posts: 98
This is a rule designed to stop people from signing up with junk accounts and spamming our forum with the adverts and such like which blight other forums. It is in no way created to inconvenience our regular users.

I did not make this rule myself, I just enforce it as part of my job. I do know this though, it will stay in place for the forseeable future.
Mon 03/07/06 at 15:50
Posts: 938
That was messed up. Why wasn't the verification good enough the first and secondtime you did it?? Psh. I know how the truth can hurt, but know one thing for certain.. I'm not here for you BW20.
Mon 03/07/06 at 15:42
Posts: 6,702
It's not really moaning, I'm just not convinced that giving details such as home address are really that necessary, particularly since on two occasions now you've clearly shown that you can look at this data whenever you like.

I'm happy to abide by rules. If I'm not supposed to mention forums with lots of users that were formerly members of the Special Reserve chat rooms then that's fine. If I'm supposed to post in blue text, not mention the word "flower", ensure that no sentence starts with the word "Therefore" and take care not to give any form of positive opinion about Tomb Raider games then I'd think, hmmmm, that seems a little bit restrictive, but I'll give it my best shot. The address thing though... that's different.

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