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"The 20k Gamerscore Challenge"

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Sat 16/01/10 at 21:01
Posts: 4,686
The 20,000 point GamerScore Challenge. Many websites like to follow the progress of gamers and the most common way of doing so is by monitoring the number of GamerScore (GS) points (gained by unlocking achievements) a player has.

I put this challenge to you. My individual goal (HM) is to increase my GS by 20,000 points by September 1st 2010. As this seemed a popular idea, many freeola users have jumped in with their own personal challenges.

If you are interested in joining the challenge, just post your target score and how many points you are away (or just a target amount), along with your Gamertag and I'll put you on the board below.

Keep posting updates when you unlock achievements. The best way (and most manageable) would be to post the game title and the number of points achieved from the start date of your target. For instance: if I had a Viva Pinata and unlocked 600 points, I would post: "Viva Pinata - 600 points".. Points gained from before the target date do not count.

LAST UPDATE - gr13ve - 8 games - 695 points

Lets see how we get on...

HM - 20,000 point increase
Show Spoiler
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
TOTAL 12795/20000 (7205 points left)

dav2612 - Score to 25,000
Show Spoiler

Current Score - 25091 - TARGET REACHED
TOTAL 6725 points

Emmie87 - Score to 23,000 (current score - 22,451)
Show Spoiler

TOTAL 3505 points

gr13ve - aims to have score at 50,000
Show Spoiler

Current Score - 41913
TOTAL 12296

Grandprix - 8295 points to take him up to 20,000 GS total
Show Spoiler

Current gamerscore 20005 - Remaining - 0

Hedfix - 20,000 point increase
Show Spoiler

TOTAL 20000 points - COMPLETE

Sonic Chris - 7280 points to take him to 12,000 GS total
Show Spoiler

TOTAL 435 points

pb - a solid 10,000 point increase
Show Spoiler

TOTAL 515 points

Warhunt - keeping us updated on his achievement progress
Show Spoiler

TOTAL 671 points

RM18 - current score; 78,418 (increase to 97,000)
Show Spoiler

TOTAL 615 points

L33TGAM3R - Telling us how many points earned from games
Show Spoiler

TOTAL - 5490 points

Edgy - Target of 15,000
Show Spoiler

Current score - 11909
TOTAL - 1015 points


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Sun 26/12/10 at 14:40
Posts: 33,481
I'm up for the next one.
Tue 21/12/10 at 19:45
"Tip The Scales"
Posts: 869
Well, it was quite a popular thing, I don't see why something similar couldn't be repeated in the new year :)
Tue 21/12/10 at 14:39
"Too Orangy For Crow"
Posts: 15,844
Well done. I've almost reached 27,000 total so I've had a pretty good run since the deadline expired. I'd like to be around 50,000 at the end of 2011 but that is perhaps optimistic.
Tue 21/12/10 at 13:32
Posts: 1,688
Just thought I'd post an update - have achieved my score! Albeit 3 months late. Still 20,000 points in a year isn't too shabby.
Thu 09/09/10 at 08:24
Posts: 15,681
I found the GSC was a great way to motivate me to attempt unlocking awards that I may otherwise have not bothered with.

I'm in favour of a new challenge - or maybe just a gamerscore update thread where we all start from a particular date.

I know I didn't come near to achieving my target, but it was still fun :)
Thu 09/09/10 at 00:31
Posts: 1,688
Wish my GS was on average with my friends :( I'm quite missing the challenge already, made me want to play the games I get through on rental. Now if I don't like the first level it gets sent back the same day I got it.
Wed 08/09/10 at 21:52
Posts: 4,686
To be are above average on my gamerscore list ;)
Wed 08/09/10 at 20:42
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
HM wrote:
> I failed too! But still, it was fun gaming for points again and
> at least my score is a bit more respectable amongst my friends
> list now!

Lets be honest, I drag your friends list gamerscore average down quite abit :P
Wed 08/09/10 at 15:58
Posts: 4,686
I failed too! But still, it was fun gaming for points again and at least my score is a bit more respectable amongst my friends list now!

I think my target next year will have to be much lower as I won't have easy access to my xbox...but I'll be up for some challenge or another!

Well done to everybody that took part!
Wed 08/09/10 at 15:36
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Well I failed that didn't I?!

hah. This year has been the worst so far for me getting time to play games. As it is my time is now split between Wii, PS3, 360 and iPhone with the latter taking up probably 70% of my gaming time now due to commitments to keeping the site going.

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