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"Final Fantasy 7 - revived Aeris!!"

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Sun 04/04/04 at 11:09
"you've got a beard"
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hi all,

i posted this in the PSone/PS2 forum, but seeing as people from this forum won't neccessarily visit the PS2 forum (and that FF7 is generally considered a classic) i thought i'd post it here too :)

Ok, so pretty much everyone who's played FF7 knows of the 4 million romoured ways to revive Aeris, despite each and every single one of them being a massive lie... or are they??

apparantly, the first 500 - 1000 (or thereabouts) shipped copies of the translated version of FF7 contained code (intentional or otherwise) that allowed Aeris to return at the Great Crater. There are several locations where you can see a flickering "ghost" of Aeris (like the church in midgar where you first meet her). If you visit them all then when you're in the Great Crater, when you auto-jump across the stome platforms to get the mega-all (i think) materia,if you hit X on the platform that you usually auto-jump straight off, you can stay on it. walk towards the green mako/lifestream "waterfall" in the background and Aeris will reappear and rejoin the party.. the only catch is you can't take her back OUT of the north crater.

Now, i'f i'd just read all that i'd be thinking "bah, sounds like too much work for what's probably a hoax", which is probably what you're thinking right now.. fair enough! :)
but here's the thing, it's absolutely true. i was reluctant to believe it when a mate told me he'd done it (he's an ff nut who bought 7 as soon as it was out), but yesterday i saw it with my own eyes; Aeris, in the Great Crater, in PHS and battle sequences, at level 95.

Of course there's no reason to believe me, but as soon as i can figure out a way of grabbing a Playstation greenshot onto my PC i'll upload one (at which of course, most people will scream "PHOTOSHOP!", there really is no convincing some people ;) , unless i can grab some video from the playstation.. hmmm.... ), or, if you're trusting enough, send me your memory card and i'll copy the game on for you (and no, this isn't an elaborate scam to get a load of memory cards, nor do i actually expect anyone to care enough to send one, but if that's what it takes.... :) )

so there you have it! it is indeed possible, but only on a rare amount of the games apparantly.

maybe it's the same kind of reason that means no matter how hard i try, the "turltes paradise" flyers thing never works for me :)

make of this information what you will, and if i find out that any of the details i gave on how to do it are incorrect, i'll correct them straight away (i have to recheck with my mate).

so yeah, it's possible!
Sat 25/09/04 at 17:04
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So basically you 'revived' Aeris with your 'special equipment'. Have you been looking at hentai again?
Sun 12/09/04 at 17:31
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Im not surpised i can do it too if i want too
Fri 06/08/04 at 12:47
"Was UW."
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AARRRRGGHHHHHH!!!! Damn, I had a save of Aeris and wiped it out more than 3 years ago.
Wed 04/08/04 at 10:59
"you've got a beard"
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like i said dude, it's nothing to do with me.
it was my mates saved game, it is a mysterious occurance though isn't it? :)
Tue 03/08/04 at 17:17
"America, _ yeah!!"
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Very_Metal wrote:
> straight to dvd and was it really worth dragging this thread up again to ask that??

Wonder which shops will sell it though.

It was i who recieved your memory card with the save game though, i still cant figure out how you did it though.
Tue 03/08/04 at 17:00
"you've got a beard"
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straight to dvd..
and was it really worth dragging this thread up again to ask that??
Tue 03/08/04 at 16:44
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so it straight to DVD. Cool, ill buy it.
Tue 03/08/04 at 16:37
"America, _ yeah!!"
Posts: 2,214
It is going to be an hour and ten minute long DVD. Next month is it's release.
Tue 03/08/04 at 16:31
Posts: 642
Is this Advent Children Film going to be at the cinema, then released on DVD and Video like the other Final Fantasy film, or what? Im confused with people saying it's a PSP exclusive.
Wed 02/06/04 at 14:06
"now speaks Japanese"
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Tryed 4 ages to do this. It does not work.

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