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"Cool Items FOR SALE! (Imports, Animal Crossing e-cards etc..)"

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Fri 16/04/04 at 12:34
"Rasmus R The Best!"
Posts: 612
Ok, All this stuff is in perfect/good condition. I will not be swapping any of this stuff it's just FOR SALE. Please send messages to this email address if your interested: [email protected] Not my email address lol :)

PLEASE NOTE: I will not send item until i have recieved money or if you prefer a postal order (i'm not being taken for a fool) I will send all these orders by First-Class post (which i will pay for) the minute i recieve payment. All games are fully boxed with instructions.Thankyou.

Mario Advance 4 GBA (newest one) JAP IMPORT Perfect Condition 12.50
P.N.O3 GC JAP IMPORT Perfect Condition 12.50
Harvest Moon GC JAP IMPORT Perfect Condition 18
Resident Evil GC USA IMPORT Good Condition 10
Animal Crossing Guide (Good Condition) 8.00
Animal Crossing E-CARDS (All 81 of them) includes 'Samus Suit' 'Starfox Emblem' 'Shine Sprite' 'Kirby Wall' 'Triforce tile' which can be worn, put on umbrellas and on your house walls. 30 (please note that these were 5 in a pack for 5 that's why there 30, AND VERY COLLECTABLE)
Wind Waker Guide (Good Condition) with Wall Chart 8.00
The Legend of Zleda Ocarina of time (+ master quest) Bonus Disc (Good Condition) 10
Sat 24/04/04 at 13:28
"Rasmus R The Best!"
Posts: 612
I'm now selling the Animal Crossing E-cards (all 81 of them) and the superb condition Animal Crossing Prima Guide for 35.

Please check 'main topic' post if your interested and all the details to contact me, thanks. :)
Thu 22/04/04 at 13:48
"Rasmus R The Best!"
Posts: 612
So pleased you got it! Hope you like your sticker ;) cheers for buying it of me!
Thu 22/04/04 at 10:04
"50 BLM,30 SMN,25 RD"
Posts: 2,299
Got the game this morning, cheers mate.
Tue 20/04/04 at 17:45
"Rasmus R The Best!"
Posts: 612
Yes! Mario Advance 4 is still for sale! :)
Tue 20/04/04 at 16:44
Posts: 18,185
Do you still have Mario Advance 4
Tue 20/04/04 at 16:27
"Rasmus R The Best!"
Posts: 612
Thanks for the suggestion! MY NEW VERY LOW PRICES have now been added, by editing old post ;) check older posts for the newer prices.
Sun 18/04/04 at 10:04
"Rasmus R The Best!"
Posts: 612
Just a reminder (as i've edited old post) Darwock i've dispatched your order Today (20/04/04) thankyou and enjoy your game.

FOR UPDATED LOW PRICES please check post (which can be found a couple of posts below this) These prices are my lowest i will go (again they are on other boards, Harvest Moon Jap import for 15 and Buy both Resident Evil and Billy Hatcher USA imports together for 15! are some of the great offers which can be found here)
Sat 17/04/04 at 17:43
"Long time no see!"
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If you're gonna do all these **UPDATE!** things, wouldn't it be easier to simply Edit your original post and add them to the bottom, so all can see them as soon as they enter the topic, without having to scroll through pages of posts to find them all (if this thread really picks-up, that is)?

Just a suggestion. :)
Sat 17/04/04 at 08:48
"Rasmus R The Best!"
Posts: 612
Here's the NEW PRICES. (updated on 24th April 2004)

Harvest Moon: AWL JAP IMPORT, 15! LOW PRICE!
Mario Advance 4 JAP IMPORT, 10!
PN.03 JAP IMPORT, 10.00!
Resident Evil+ Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg USA IMPORT's (BUY both for 15, or seperately for 10 each, that's a saving of 5! When you buy both at the same time!)
Wind Waker Guide now 6 VERY LOW PRICE!
Animal Crossing Guide and 81 E-cards for 35! LOW PRICE!

Come on guys and girls take them of my hands!
Sat 17/04/04 at 00:22
Posts: 7,403
Owen wrote:
> *UPDATE* Now adding USA IMPORT Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg SUPERB
> condition, 10.

Does that come with a double serving of eggy goodness? If not then count me out.

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