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"Morrowind PC - Help!!"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind'.
Tue 04/05/04 at 18:44
Posts: 9
I have to go to Pelagaid and steal a dwemer item from the merchant to use as blackmail for a Thieves Guild quest... Problem is I've already been there, pinched it and sold it on! Is there anyway around this or is my career has a thief come to a dead end??
Tue 06/07/04 at 22:30
"for the greater goo"
Posts: 7
erm if u still need that item go pack to the guy u sold it to and pick his pocket. thats how it works with ym i sell sum 1 sumthing and they either equp it or they keep it in their inven
Mon 17/05/04 at 10:45
"The Will of D."
Posts: 5,643
Butgetting it back through cheats is easy, but it's when you kill a specific person you didn't mean to, but i have a way around that too.

placeatpc, "name of person", 1, 120, 0

you need to add the commas as they are essential for it to work. You must also go back to exactly where they died if they are important characters as when you enter the code they will pop up right in front of you.

I am the grandmaster in the morag tong, theives, fighters, mages, house Hlaalu, so i know how the game works.
Sun 16/05/04 at 23:12
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
It's only a Thieves Guild quest - hardly a major event.

You just have to be lucky. Losing an item in that game is lethal.
Sun 16/05/04 at 23:09
"The Will of D."
Posts: 5,643
Also if you don't want to cheat certain dwemer artefacts can be found all over the ruins also.
Sun 16/05/04 at 23:07
"The Will of D."
Posts: 5,643
No it's player-> additem "id" 1 (or any amount), but for the english version of morrowind you need to use the @ key for the explaination marks as the americans have them switched round. Also for anything else you need help on you oly need to look at [URL][/URL] for help on just about anything.
Thu 06/05/04 at 00:45
Posts: 9
Thank you, I'll try that :-)
Wed 05/05/04 at 22:49
"Wants Spymate on dv"
Posts: 3,025
I've never used cheats in Morrowind, but I believe you can use cheats to get any item in the game.

Look here: [URL][/URL]

Also, says:

Get any item you want
Step One: Using the TES load the Morrwind.esm
Step Two: Click the tab that contains the ID of the item you want
Step Three: Make sure to copy the ID letter for letter including the underscores
Step Four: Open a saved Morrwind game like normal
Step Five: Simply open the console by pressing the ~ key
Step Six: type player->additem (insert the ID of the item you want here)''(amount of the item you want here''

As I've said, I've never used cheats, so don't know how well they work, but try it and hopefully it'll work.
I can imagine the frustration of having sold an item you need for a mission, but the cheats should work.
Wed 05/05/04 at 20:11
Posts: 9
This is a continuous game, a fluid and complex RPG, there are no levels and no limits except your characters ability so I could have been there at anytime in the game and sold it on to anyone I met... Thank you though
Wed 05/05/04 at 19:53
"Tornado Of Souls"
Posts: 5,680
I have no idea then. Unless you revert to an earlier saved game, but that's assuming you don't do what I do and save everything in the same slot.
Wed 05/05/04 at 19:51
Posts: 9
Not really no, there doesn't seem to be that many around

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