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"Just Finished Driv3r"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Driv3r'.
Tue 06/07/04 at 19:18
Posts: 4,199
Got it on Friday, took me the weekend and Monday of casual play to finish it so probably about 15 hours of play. I thought that the mission's were good but frustration often overshadowed enjoyment - the chase missions for example, you have to practically be on top of the car you're following. Get a few metres behind and the computer suddenly stops you're car and decides that "you lost them" even if you can clearly see them driving off down the highway.

Meanwhile some of the missions require pure luck to figure them out. For example (bit of a mission spoiler here) where you have to drive the booby trapped car to the lorry, you're not told it's in a compound and since you can't drop below 50 mph, you can't really explore the area for a way in, you just have to be lucky and find an entrance. Even when you do get in, you have to drive the car up to the lorry all the while not quite sure what's going to happen when it suddenly tells you to "jump out!" which, if you're not expecting it, leaves you little time to avoid the explosion and you die.

As for the last mission, I wasn't impressed at all. (Spolier again)Basically, you have to follow Jericho whilst a horde of gun men (it's not clear as to why they're actually there) try to protect him. Then for no apparent reason, explosions start to go off around you whilst even more men appear from nowhere. If you manage to overcome the bemusement of the situation, then you end up chasing Jericho down an ally where you can then hide behind a skip whilst he feebly tries to dodge the hail of bullets from your M-16. The worst thing though, is that once you've pumped about 500 rounds into him, you watch the end sequence which shows him still alive! It makes no sense.

Overall though, I thought it was an OK game. The trouble was it thought it was bigger/better than it actually was. If it didn't take itself so seriously, it would have been a nice little game.
Thu 15/07/04 at 00:43
Posts: 11,652
cops stink wrote:
> I am thinking about getting Driv3r. Should I get it or should I not?

I thought it was good, but too hard.

I must of played it for a week and got bored because it was so hard, hant played it for a while now.
Wed 14/07/04 at 21:18
"Just Bog Standard.."
Posts: 4,589
Rent it first.
Wed 14/07/04 at 18:10
"God bless video gam"
Posts: 55
I am thinking about getting Driv3r. Should I get it or should I not?
Tue 13/07/04 at 22:35
Posts: 13,611
Other way around.

In the the Take A Ride mode there are ten Tommi Vermacellis and three hidden cars in each city to be found.
Tue 13/07/04 at 20:48
Posts: 973
Can anyone tell me what the hell the end of the game is about? it says there are 3 bad men and 10 cars to find on each level? is this is mission mode or freeplay? and how do you know when youvve found them? i spent like 4 hours walking arond and nothing.
Fri 09/07/04 at 22:34
"Just Bog Standard.."
Posts: 4,589
LŠR wrote:
> No, what drive do you have?

I wouldn't have a clue.
Thu 08/07/04 at 22:53
Posts: 13,611
Crashed a couple of times when I first got it, but it's been fine ever since.
Thu 08/07/04 at 22:47
Posts: 10,489
No, what drive do you have? Didn't experience one crash, even when sending videos over LIVE.
Thu 08/07/04 at 21:44
"Just Bog Standard.."
Posts: 4,589
Does anyone elses copy of Driver 3 crash quite a lot? My copy crashed a little when I first got it from SR, but since it was a GAD I didn't bother as it wasn't too bad. But now it crashes quite often and I've only gone and lost the receipt.
Thu 08/07/04 at 21:42
"Just Bog Standard.."
Posts: 4,589
Crap AI for a start.

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