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"Pokemon Emerald"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Pokemon Emerald'.
Mon 12/07/04 at 16:21
Posts: 18,185
Looks like there is another 2D Pokemon RPG to come.

The series is essentially going no where with some pathetic little up dates.

Lets hope this game does something new... and with the emphasis being against Team Aqua and Team Magma it looks likely.
Sun 18/07/04 at 10:35
"immortal pokemaste"
Posts: 1
Hey anybody got any tips for that 70h trainer
Wed 14/07/04 at 21:16
Posts: 15,681

I hate the fact you need to have 100 Pokémon on your Pokédex to get the Pokémon back - I didn't realise that when I restarted my game....twice :S
Wed 14/07/04 at 11:46
Posts: 18,185
Yeah I'd imagine so, the full pokedex was on ruby and sapphire so I'd imagine it would be on Box.
Wed 14/07/04 at 11:12
Posts: 7,741
Hmm.. good question. I'd assume so, as all the GBA titles connect to each other. It's just that the GB/GBC and GBA titles don't mix. So I'm gonna say at least 75% sure they do.
Tue 13/07/04 at 20:32
Posts: 15,681
Any idea if Red and Green are going to be compatable with Pokémon Box?

I like to store my Pokémon on there when I restart games to have more of an incentive to train up Pokémon I wouldn't necessarily use.
Tue 13/07/04 at 15:16
Posts: 7,741
Strafio wrote:
> By the by, you know this new Leaf Green and the other remake, do they
> allow you to upload your old Pokémon onto it?
> From Gold/Silver/Red/Blue?

No, 'fraid not. Gold/Silver/Red/Blue.. and Yellow/Crystal/Stadium etc. for that matter are completely untradable with Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/Fire Red/Leaf Green/Collosseum.

Shame, but if you just transfered your monsters over from previous versions you could get too many with relatively little effort on the new game.
Tue 13/07/04 at 12:32
Posts: 18,185
I have a decent team on my Sapphire cart i'll trade over.

Thing is by the time I've obtained the right badge to allow my Leaf Green character to use it I'll have a new team that I prefer.
Tue 13/07/04 at 12:27
Posts: 10,437
Awwww, I have an brilliant team on my complete blue cart. Such a shame. :-D
Tue 13/07/04 at 12:26
Posts: 18,185
Don't think so, although Gold, Silver, Ruby and Sapphire Pokemon are said to be in it.
Tue 13/07/04 at 12:23
Posts: 9,848
By the by, you know this new Leaf Green and the other remake, do they allow you to upload your old Pokémon onto it?

From Gold/Silver/Red/Blue?

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