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"Who do you use in Melee?"

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Wed 14/07/04 at 17:04
"This is your story!"
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Hi, this is my first topic I've ever created, and I just wanted to know who everyone uses! As for me, I bought this game a couple days after the release and started with Young Link, but ended as my best player to this day. I went through and era of Young Link, Fox, Shiek then Marth, and am still Marth to this day! I have yet to be beaten with him too, and I would like to play somebody else who'll actually give ma a challenge! Anyways, here's the top 3 characters that I use:


Who do you use? Thanks and later, oh and, Marth is the best! (IMO)
Sun 11/07/10 at 04:29
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I mostly use Dr. Mario and Gannedorf
Fri 13/08/04 at 18:55
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I use them in this order if there has to be one:

1) Link
2) Young Link
3) Mr game and watch
4) Ice Climbers
5) Captain Falcon
6) Fox
Fri 13/08/04 at 10:14
"Oh no! Starwolf!"
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Finalfantasygod wrote:
> i use Link, Captain F, or Giga Bowser

Giga bowser? not an ACTUAL playable character though, is he?
Fri 13/08/04 at 10:13
"Oh no! Starwolf!"
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FinalFantasyFanatic wrote:
> Anyone tell me what Mr. G&W's down-B attack does? Is it a counter
> like Marth / Roy?

It's almost a counter, it absorbs energy based missile weapons, and after 3, you can dump it on foes. The stronger the missile you collect (eg PK Flash) the stronger the bucket will be.
Thu 12/08/04 at 22:37
"a.k.a King"
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I use Roy. When he can charge up his sword to full power he is unstopable.
Thu 12/08/04 at 22:26
"Pro Reviewer"
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i use Link, Captain F, or Giga Bowser
Thu 12/08/04 at 19:44
"period drama"
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Unlocked everyone today.
Mewtwo is pretty good, if only because you can change his B attack up the move around a bit before releasing it. Which is nice.
Although the left/right-B and down-B attacks seems pretty pointless.

Anyone tell me what Mr. G&W's down-B attack does? Is it a counter like Marth / Roy?
Thu 12/08/04 at 19:36
"Bring the beat back"
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Mostly I use Roy but sometimes I have to use DK cause he can pound the floor which I find really effective or Link as he has a good spin attack.
Wed 04/08/04 at 22:04
"Bad Wolf; England"
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It depends on what sections of the game you mean, as I'm Struggling to defeat those hands on event 50: Final Destination Match.

I've tried Kirby, but Pikachu seems more effective. Can anyone suggest other characters I could use? Thanx.
Sun 01/08/04 at 12:40
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Not always. Some rounds I become Uber-Mario and kick some butt...Hero Turtles...Style! COWABUNGAAAAA!


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