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"Half-Life 2 due 20 August?"

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Wed 21/07/04 at 16:37
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That's according to the Special Reserve phone message. Any truth in that?
Tue 27/07/04 at 23:38
"A man with a stick"
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It'd be foolish of Valve not to iron out as many, if not all bugs from the game considering how high profile it is. I expect there will be glitches, but I doubt they'll be as sevre as games like like Breed or Soldner which need a good years worth of patching before being even remotely playable.

And if all is to be believed, HL2 could go gold sometime early next month.
Tue 27/07/04 at 10:00
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Yeah, right, I'll believe that 6 months after it's released. As a rule, the games which get delayed the most for "bug fixing" have the most (delayed) patches after release.... :(
Tue 27/07/04 at 08:25
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September. It accounts for more than half the reason I have just spent a couple of quid short of a thousand upgrading my PC to the mutts’ nuts.

All I am hoping now is that it doesn't flop in anyway. According to IGN they are ironing out all possible glitches and flaws so what you see on release is a finalised version and not some shoddy effort for of glitches *coughDeusEx2cough*

Team Ninja did that with Dead or Alive 3 and it was damn impossible to find a glitch or any remote slow down, here is to hoping Half Life 2 will be similar.
Mon 26/07/04 at 18:45
"gsybe you!"
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Probably true.


(my brother included)
Mon 26/07/04 at 18:44
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cipro wrote:

> Pah, I don't know why EA even bother with games anymore, they could
> just develop Sims expansion packs and still rake in millions.

The Sims 2

Requires The Sims to play.
Sun 25/07/04 at 23:56
"A man with a stick"
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lalakersrule wrote:
> Or at least the 200 odd expansion packs that are sure to follow

Pah, I don't know why EA even bother with games anymore, they could just develop Sims expansion packs and still rake in millions.
Sun 25/07/04 at 21:51
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I'm hoping for November, means I'll have a few weeks to play it and then as it's getting really good the christmas holidays will hit and I'll have more time.

And also I'm away on a biology trip mid-Ocotber.
Sun 25/07/04 at 12:40
"Brooklyn boy"
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Or at least the 200 odd expansion packs that are sure to follow
Sun 25/07/04 at 02:07
"A man with a stick"
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September isn't short of big releases, one springs to mind, The Sims 2. However bad that game might be, it's likely to sell by the truckload if the sales of the last game are anything to go by. Expect it to fester in the top 10 charts for the next decade as well.
Sun 25/07/04 at 01:22
"bing bang bong"
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coled_steel wrote:
> Nah, beginning of september mate, i hope

I work for a computer-games company who have had to rush forward their PC release to September from October to avoid clashing with "a very, very big game". Given that Doom III is already confirmed for August, this leaves one possible candidate.

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