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"EA/ Eidios buy out"

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Wed 04/08/04 at 15:39
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When we hear Eidios we think of a Brit publisher that has screwed Nintendo out of Deus ex, Tomb Raider and of course the third installment of the Hitman franchise.

But aha, Nintendo friendly jugganaught EA maybe set to buy out the publisher! Which means? That's right, Eidios' games may be making its way on to a Gamecube near us! Roll on Hitman 4 and Tomb Raider 99...

Sat 14/08/04 at 14:35
Posts: 33,481
I could live without them, they are generally painfully average.

However now they're going online I'm looking forward to them a lot more.
Sat 14/08/04 at 14:30
Posts: 10,437
How many people want to play EA games on their console? A whole lot.
Sat 14/08/04 at 13:07
Posts: 402
Mattitude wrote:
> ah well. i think if ea go then the gamecube will lose a great lot of
> their sales.

How many people buy a Gamecube to play EA games? I certainly didn't.
Sat 14/08/04 at 11:15
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
It may be worrying, but you have to remember that the majority of EA games are EASports titles, which have almost all just been released in America for this year. I would be highly surprised if TS:FP didn't make it to the GC, what with Free Radical being fans of the platform, and with TS2 selling so well.
Sat 14/08/04 at 11:08
Posts: 84
ah well. i think if ea go then the gamecube will lose a great lot of their sales. Like many people have said ea is a vary large company and if people see that thier games are on ps2, xbox and pc and not on gamecube then they may want to buy a different console because of it. Fifa 2005 is coming out for christmas and some people may want a console for christmas with the game. But if it aint on the gamecube then they would get a different console. ie ps2 or xbox
Sat 14/08/04 at 11:04
Posts: 15,681
I skim-read an article about EA in the latest NOM.

Apparently, at a show in San Fransico, only 2 GameCube games and 1 Game Boy Advance game were shown off by EA and TimeSplitters 3 didn't have a release date.

To me that sounds worrying.
Sat 14/08/04 at 11:03
Posts: 84
thank you, my point exactly
Sat 14/08/04 at 11:00
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
EAsports are one of the best developers around. I'm tired of all you homios whinging about how EA only make crap games - they really don't.
Sat 14/08/04 at 10:54
Posts: 84
I did think, need for speed underground is wicked, as is return of the king and fifa 2004. All of these are player's choice titles. Doesnt that show you how well they have sold???
Sat 14/08/04 at 01:38
"Its all me,me,me,me"
Posts: 1,055
Mattitude wrote:
> If Ninty loses EA then they are totally stuffed, think of all those
> amazing EA games that have graced the gamecube.

Name some them? you gotta back up ya point with examples!?

EA is a huge company and is extremely valuable to nintendo however most of their games are average. Nightfire, everything or nothing, need for speed, medal of honour, def jam, harry potter are all pretty average titles and series and I would never go as far as to say that any of those games in any of those catergories were particulary "amazing" and that nintendo are "stuffed" if they lose EA as nintendo survives solely for the quality games they themselves produce and would keep producing there own decent games despite the loss.

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