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"What are the best games/series for GameCube?"

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Sat 14/08/04 at 13:15
"God bless video gam"
Posts: 55
I'm going to get a Gamecube and I want to know what games I should get.
Sun 12/09/04 at 13:16
Posts: 11,038
Scope wrote:
> "ROFLLL"!L! mairo kart iz kiddy coz youz cant modz your cars
> like NFSU!!"




Sun 12/09/04 at 13:00
Posts: 7,741
Dringo wrote:
> But the fact is Nintendo don't make games like TS2... Metroid Prime
> is the closest to it and what is better is down to what you prefer...
> and adventure or an arcade action game???

And also, what does the public prefer: a very mainstream FPS or a Shooty Adventure game aimed at more hardcore-gamers?

Gamecube is criminally lacking in RPGs, which hopefully Tales and Kaitos will help address (and Golden Sun.. if it's actually in development).

I love both Skies and TS2, Skies has the depth no other game has, and TS2 is an enjoyable shooty romp with tons to do. *shrugs*

Oh and Doshin really was quite pathetically basic.
Sun 12/09/04 at 11:00
Posts: 10,437
Doshin was a unique, fun and fresh experience. As slow as it was, I played it for a fair while before I gave up on it. Like Pikmin it was one of the few original games the GameCube has seen from Nintendo.

Wave Race is crap. Mario Golf is crap. Mario Party is mind-numbingly dull.
Sun 12/09/04 at 02:07
Posts: 16,558
"ROFLLL"!L! mairo kart iz kiddy coz youz cant modz your cars like NFSU!!"
Sun 12/09/04 at 00:12
Posts: 11,038
Dringo wrote:
> a fun racer better than Mario Kart,

That' not fair. I thought Mario Kart was too slow, even in 150CC mode, but there's nothing else out there to challenge it.

As for the others, your right, nothing competes with them, but then again, none of the 4 I listed came under any of those genres.
Sat 11/09/04 at 22:25
Posts: 18,185
I'll give you Timesplitters 2... it is by far the best third party game I have EVER played and still play.

But the fact is Nintendo don't make games like TS2... Metroid Prime is the closest to it and what is better is down to what you prefer... and adventure or an arcade action game???

Same with Skies, it is an RPG... and bar Pokemon on the GBA and PAper Mario (which is hardly a traditional RPG) what RPG's to Nintendo make? Sure Golden sun GC may change that... but we are still waiting for that.

If you can bring me an adventure game better than Zelda (and as great as BG&E is it is no Zelda), a platformer better than Mario, a fun racer better than Mario Kart, a multiplayer brawler better than Smash Brothers, a water racing game better than Wave Race, a collection RPG better than Pokemon, a tennis game better than Mario Tennis, a snow racer better than 1080 or a stratagy game better than Pikmin.... then will I disagree that Nintendo aren't the best.

It's a lie to say they are perfect, Doshin was naff, Mario Golf is very outdated, the Mario Party series can be so much better... but when they make a great game... it is one of the best games on any system anywhere.
Sat 11/09/04 at 16:54
Posts: 11,038
If it wasn't so hard to get Platinum awards on all of the TS2 levels, it wouldn't be as good, but I want to get 66 platinum awards, and that makes me go back to it time after time. It's like trying to get the cheats in Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, basically.

Without them, it'd be like the first Timesplitters, and be "an average shooter"

That's what I was on about about games issuing me a challenge, basically.
Sat 11/09/04 at 16:45
Posts: 11,875
TS2 is crap and you're a fool.

Except you recognise SOA's genius and so you are not a fool, just lucky.
Sat 11/09/04 at 16:16
Posts: 11,038
I didn't so I like them solely on the basis of their difficulty.
That'd be stupid.

If a crap game is hard, it doesn't mean I'll like it, it needs to be a quality game in the first place.

Thinking about it, you may be right about F-Zero, it's a great game, but maybe not the better than the Wind Waker etc.

And about Viewtiful Joe being short - I played it longer than I played The Wind Waker, and Sunshine, in fact, was pretty repetitive. (Collect these red coins, chase Shadow Mario around and shoot him), it's overrated too.
Metroid Prime was great, first time around. I tried playing it again afterwards, no joy from it.

Timesplitters 2 and Skies Of Arcadia though, are light-years better than any Nintendo game out there, I don't care what anyone says.
Sat 11/09/04 at 16:02
Posts: 10,437
Erm... Nintendo do make the best games around. No one's said that only Nintendo do, but there's nothing in the market quite like Mario Sunshine, Prime, Pikmin etc.

How you can rate F-Zero and Viewtiful Joe above those titles is beyond me. VJ's a brilliant, unique game, but let's be honest, it's over all too quickly. F-Zero is crappy, I don't care what anyone says, even the AJ-meistro, it's just not a great game. If you want a fast game, Extreme G 3 does it much better. It doesn't feel special in any way, for me it was just a slight distraction in between big releases, and remains oen of the most overrated games of the generation.

The fact that you say games are good solely on the basis that they're hard just shows what a chump you are.

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