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Sun 22/08/04 at 22:12
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Just bought an N64 on EBay for 6 and a copy of Goldeneye for 2. Now I need to make a shopping list of games to purchase, any suggestions will be greatfully long as they're not Carmageddon.

So far my list is

Perfect Dark
Jet Force Gemini
Diddy Kong Racing
Banjo Kazooie
Banjo Tooie
Blast Corps
Donkey kong 64
Zelda OOT
Zelda Majoras Mask
Mario 64
Mario Kart 64
Turok Dino Hunter
Wave Race 64
Excitebike 64
1080 Snowboarding
Mario Tennis
Mario Golf
Mickey's Speedway (never played it and it was a Rare game)
Duke Nukem : Zero hour (always wanted to buy it)
Beetle Adventure Racing
Snowboard Kids

Anyone think of any others?

I'm off to snipe on Ebay.
Sat 28/08/04 at 12:32
Posts: 18,185
Bedford is turning into a mini-cambridge.
Sat 28/08/04 at 11:41
Posts: 21,800
Yeah, must be pretty new as it wasn't there last time I was there....about Xmas times.

It's near Marks & Spencers, just go up the way that leads to Debenhams and it's on your right. Think there used to be an Allsport or a JJB Sport or something where it is now.
Sat 28/08/04 at 11:37
Posts: 18,185
Tiltawhirl wrote:
> I got it from Gamestation in Bedford.

There's a Gamestation in Bedford?
Sat 28/08/04 at 11:32
Posts: 21,800
I don't live there anymore either, went down for a few days to visit some friends and just happened to come across the new Gamestation store. Got quite a few games shops there now, just a pity the rest of the town center is such a dump.

Anyway just found out that the N64 I paid just over 5 for has also got an expansion pack. I thought I was gonna have to pay over 10 for one of these things so you can imagine my suprise when I put Perfect Dark in the console to see "EXPANSION PACK FOUND". These things are going on Ebay for around 15 so I got a tiny bit of a bargain, specially as it's an official one. I guess the seller had no idea it was in the console, I laugh at his stupidity and thank him for being so ignorant.

Perfect Dark day today for me I think, god I can't wait to get my hands on a laptop gun again.
Fri 27/08/04 at 10:17
"Devotion 2The Ocean"
Posts: 6,658
Tiltawhirl wrote:
> I got it from Gamestation in Bedford.

grrr, no fair, just cos I don't live near there anymore. Did notice tho, last time I went round Bedford couple months back, the game shops there are quite cheap. Plus they've got quite a few now, that new one down near Game and also that other one round the end of the high-street which also sells a lot of import stuff like Hori pads.

Fri 27/08/04 at 07:28
"5 European Cups!!!"
Posts: 5,795
No Killer Instinct Gold then?
Fri 27/08/04 at 00:55
Posts: 21,800
I got it from Gamestation in Bedford.

Also noticed they had Mario Golf for 5.99 unboxed and quite a few others.
Thu 26/08/04 at 23:06
"Devotion 2The Ocean"
Posts: 6,658
Tiltawhirl wrote:
> Managed to pick up Banjo Tooie the other day from Gamestation for
> 15
> Yeah baby!!11!1!

You found Banjo Tooie in a Gamestation... for only 15!!! No fair!

I've wanted that game for ages, but have never seen it as cheap as that!

Well, apart from that game shop in Bedford which has it for about 8, but that's a US version.

Thu 26/08/04 at 23:00
Posts: 21,800

More sniping. Tonight I got...

Perfect Dark 6.00
Duke Nukem Zero Hour 3.99
Vigilante 8 + Beetle Adventure Racing + Top Gear Overdrive + Lamborghni - 5.50

Only really wanted Beetle Adventure Racing out of the last 4, but for that price I can hardly complain.
Thu 26/08/04 at 19:32
Posts: 10,437
Tiltawhirl wrote:
> and fighters destiny, cus you dont have any fighters
> But that was poo.

Finally, someone with sense. I thought I was the only who thought it was complete toss.

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