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"Mario tennis is looking very nice..."

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Fri 27/08/04 at 12:48
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Not sure what's going on in this screenshot, but it looks cool.

[URL] [/URL]

Looks nice but I thought it was a tennis game?

[URL] [/URL]

Weren't these guys in banjo Kazooie?

[URL] [/URL]

Surely this mofo's cheating?
Tue 07/09/04 at 00:21
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You're worried about buying a Gamecube becuase you think Nintendo will go bust?

Mon 06/09/04 at 21:41
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ahhh I wish I had a gamecube. Im just abit worried about forking out 90 quid for one because they could go bust soon. Maybe I'll hold out and see if they bring out a new console. Does anyone realistically, no nintendo fanboys, think that its worth getting a cube for xmas? Or will it go bust soon???
Mon 06/09/04 at 20:54
"aka memo aaka gayby"
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Yeah, I thought that stick breaking thing was rubbish too.
Mon 06/09/04 at 19:07
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Whitestripes DX wrote:
> I dunno, I didn't like the way the stick broke.

I knew you felt the same way.
Sat 04/09/04 at 13:45
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Yeah, I guess. I wouldn't say the original was unbelievably good, though it was unique compared with other leading RPGs. As Nintendo are so good at doing.

I never really got into Pikmin, and though the sequel looks a bit better (more Pikmin to use, more thinking required to solve puzzles) it's one of those games that will never really appeal wholly for me.
Sat 04/09/04 at 03:03
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Icarus mk2 wrote:
> Mario Tennis was actually one of the better games on show at GS, as
> was Donkey Konga. Paper Mario 2 was also good, but I don't think it's
> good enough for a purchase.

Paper Mario 2 is an adventure game... you can't get a feel for it at a games show. I didn't really get a feel for Pikmin 2.

Paper Mario the original was so unbelievably good.

Games like Mario Tennis and Donkey Konga will of course do well at games shows. As it is simple quick gameplay.

Donkey Konga... I cannot wait.
Sat 04/09/04 at 02:58
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Mario Tennis was actually one of the better games on show at GS, as was Donkey Konga. Paper Mario 2 was also good, but I don't think it's good enough for a purchase.

Donkey Konga though... hmmm...
Sat 04/09/04 at 02:52
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Dringo wrote:

> It's how long a game takes that is important.

Production or game playing side?
Sat 04/09/04 at 02:50
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It was.

It was alright... but...

Biggest waste of 30 for me.
I shouldn't have bought it because I was never a huge fan of the series anyway. Serves me right for living on hype.
Sat 04/09/04 at 02:33
Posts: 18,185
Strafio wrote:

> Mario Kart was a disaster.

*Shakes head*

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