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"Zelda- 4th piece of Triforce argument"

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Fri 03/09/04 at 20:39
Posts: 642
Here is the discussion:

From: densin05 (Original Message) Sent: 03/08/2004 22:33

I heard that in the future Zelda game (Zelda GCN), there's going to be a fourth piece of the triforce!!! Thay say it will be called the tetraforce. Do you guys think that the rumor is true or not?

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From: X_Roak_X_99 Sent: 05/08/2004 20:49
Um... I haven't heard that from Nintendo themselves, so as of now, no. And I don't want 'tetraforce', I would rather just stick with the good ol' triforce.

From: Aurel_Lazar_jr Sent: 06/08/2004 13:52
I haven't heard of any fourth piece of the triforce, but if there would be one that would be cool, because the game would be longer. Do you think that it is the piece that fits in the MIDDLE?
Also, I think Tetraforce is a pathetic name. Come on Nintendo! Can't you be more creative?
Three more things:
1. What would the fourth Piece Represent? Not Wisdom, Courage, and Power.
2. Was there a Fourth Goddess that helped created the fourth piece?
3. Who will have the Fourth Piece on the back of their hands?

Those are my questions about the "Tetraforce."

From: ņņ–ψ_ρắ∏₫γ Sent: 07/08/2004 19:55
Wasnt Zelda in Wind Waker called Tetra? That could be the link, but i dunno why they would call it tetra - tri means three but was does tetra mean? ive never heard it being used to describe 4...

From: finalfantasy2033 Sent: 10/08/2004 09:41
I got the Tetra explaination from the dictionary, it says:

entries found for tetra.
tetra- or tetr-
Four: tetrode.
Containing four of a specified kind of atom

Maybe there are 4 pieces of Triforce?

From: densin05 Sent: 10/08/2004 19:28
Maybe the fourth piece is from a god instead of a goddess. Also, look at the hylian shield. It has the triforce on top, then a red bird thingy in the middle, and on botton is another triangle. Maybe this triangle on the bottom is the tetraforce!

From: Zenumare Sent: 19/08/2004 03:15
Yeah...but why does it look like it has fallen from the triforce?

From: Aurel_Lazar_jr Sent: 23/08/2004 02:11
Does it really matter??
Mon 06/09/04 at 17:11
Posts: 8,220
Dante, or DEATH to u wrote:
> it can't be true ass then it would not be the TRIforce. the tri part
> means 3 so you cant have a forth piece.

If everyone mistakenly thought there were just 3 pieces, they could have named it the triforce.

The name doesn't have to restrict the true nature of something.
Mon 06/09/04 at 15:29
"The Will of D."
Posts: 5,643
If it's a triforce it should be 3 parts with 3 sides each making up another triangle that has another 3 sides to boot. Not 4 triangles with 3 sides making up a triangle of 3 sides, just doesn't make the pattern.
Mon 06/09/04 at 15:16
"Plate of glue"
Posts: 5,183
A triangle has 3 sides. There are 3 triangles. Therefore nine sides.
Mon 06/09/04 at 14:50
"time to die!!!"
Posts: 3
it can't be true ass then it would not be the TRIforce. the tri part means 3 so you cant have a forth piece.
Mon 06/09/04 at 13:54
"Plate of glue"
Posts: 5,183
If there was a 4 piece, it would go here: [URL][/URL]
Mon 06/09/04 at 09:48
"You! Obey the fist!"
Posts: 468
gamer2005 wrote:
> Dringo wrote:
> Erm..... who honestly cares how many pieces the tri-force has?
> What makes you think the Tri-Force will play a part in the game?
>> This triforce is in every Zelda game!

*directs attention to his previous post*
Mon 06/09/04 at 01:00
Posts: 18,185
Morbo wrote:
> Legendary Link wrote:
> links awakening.
> tard you collect the trifore at the end of the game once you beat
> ganon.
> you tard

No pretty sure you are the tard.

Gannon isn't even in Link's Awakening.
Sun 05/09/04 at 23:42
Posts: 3,505
Legendary Link wrote:
> links awakening.

tard you collect the trifore at the end of the game once you beat ganon.

you tard
Sun 05/09/04 at 18:15
"The Will of D."
Posts: 5,643
The picture of the triforce is in every game, the only games that have allowed you to collect the triforce is windwaker, Legend of Zelda and maybe some of the others.
Sun 05/09/04 at 15:26
Posts: 8,220
Rickoss wrote:
> Whoever argues about something as crap as this is obviously retarded.

Oh no they're not


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