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"GTA: Sandreas question..."

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas'.
Fri 24/09/04 at 18:59
Posts: 414
Is GTA: San Andreas going to come out on PC, if so will it come out at the same time as Ps2, and if it does come out will it have an online mode?

Sat 09/10/04 at 10:51
"Take it SmOothLy"
Posts: 27
what i think is the coolest is that u can be as fat as u want if u eat too much in SA
and that u can be leader of a little group
Sat 09/10/04 at 10:50
"Take it SmOothLy"
Posts: 27
Sun 26/09/04 at 12:57
Posts: 12,425
Yep, I've heard people who have said that they have had their preorder a day early or exactly on the day. I would go with them.
Sun 26/09/04 at 12:49
Posts: 9,631
SR are apparantly very good with pre-orders.

I'd go with them.
Sun 26/09/04 at 12:44
Posts: 5,323
Silent Thunder wrote:
> Any good online shop should have it. I know SR and other places
> certainly do.

I know, but im looking for a place so i can get it the day it comes out.
I want that guarentee and i dont know if SR offer that.
Sun 26/09/04 at 11:53
Posts: 12,425
Any good online shop should have it. I know SR and other places certainly do.
Sun 26/09/04 at 09:44
Posts: 5,323
Forest Fires can now be started.
Shame about the PS2's date being pushed back by a week, i could have been playing SA at the beggining of Half Term, instead i am playing it on the last few days.
Has anyone pre-ordered this game yet for PS2 or PC?
And if so where, i need to get mine sorted out.
Sun 26/09/04 at 09:39
Posts: 12,425
I like the sound of the open country, especially being able to get my hands on a combine harvester. :)
Sun 26/09/04 at 00:44
"A man with a stick"
Posts: 5,883
Bob_The_Moose wrote:
> cipro wrote:
> You can get tattoo’s, which together with being able to get
> different
> hair cut’s and new clothes will give you a unique, custom stylised
> character. However, tattoo’s will be recognised by different gangs
> and the police, and will bring with it lot's of unwanted attention.
> Don't suppose it said anything about hair with a lack of cut did it?

Sat 25/09/04 at 23:13
Posts: 5,323
New trailer came out today.
Watch it, it shows the Ragdoll physics amongst other things (Including a private jet).

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