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"Me on TV"

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Mon 14/11/05 at 22:46
"not dead"
Posts: 11,145
Shoot the Writers, Thursday night, ITV1 00:25 (which I guess makes it Friday).

So watch, then vote for me.
Fri 18/11/05 at 01:31
Posts: 33,481
I think everyone on this site is easily capable of writing a BBC 1 sitcom because the current standard is so blatantly low it's laughable.
Fri 18/11/05 at 01:30
Posts: 2,464
I doubt if the producers of shoot the writers could even make a live show where retards and dwarves wrestle in a cage funny.
Fri 18/11/05 at 01:26
Posts: 23,216
Oh dear..

I'd hate to have a producer to go over my work. It's hard enough as it is to get anything produced, never mind have some ass go over and tell you how unsuitable or that it's funnier/more affective this way etc
Fri 18/11/05 at 01:17
Posts: 18,487
This thread = Funnier than STW
Fri 18/11/05 at 01:16
Posts: 23,216
And surely there's not really much you could do to stop them from eventually dying and becoming ghosts.. unless the whole point was for them to kinda 'save their souls' from limbo somehow and rescue people from themselves ala some strange mix of Back to the Future and.. er.. Ghostbusters.

I'm quite glad it wasn't about that.
Fri 18/11/05 at 01:15
Posts: 33,481
monkey_man wrote:
> What sort of industry is full of bad camermen, script-changers, and
> lazy script-readers.

The porn industry.

The German tax-break film-makers association.

The people who make sitcoms for BBC 1.

All of ITV.

The list goes on.
Fri 18/11/05 at 01:14
Posts: 2,464
Meka Dragon wrote:
> Yeah, the line at the end was added in by them. Not me.

I thought as much :' {
lets sue
Fri 18/11/05 at 01:13
"Pouch Ape"
Posts: 14,499
Originally the Ghostbusters were going to be time-travellers. Although that defeats the point of busting ghosts when you can just visit them whilst they're alive.
Fri 18/11/05 at 01:11
Posts: 23,216
They were going to set Ghostbuster 3 in hell, you know.. those poor kids.

Fri 18/11/05 at 01:09
"Pouch Ape"
Posts: 14,499
Ah well, at least I got to troll up the shoot the writers forum a bit:


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