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"I need new DVDs"

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Tue 08/11/05 at 22:44
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So suggest some good movies I can get. They don't have to be new releases either. I like comedies, not dumb comedy rubbish (like most romantic comedies), but things like The Big Lebowski, This Is Spinal Tap, Office Space etc. Also like action/adventure, thriller, fantasy (Spirited Away, LOTR etc.) and stuff like that.

Basically I'll give anything a try, except maybe musicals, which I don't really like apart from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Fri 11/11/05 at 02:44
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The girlfriend loved Casshern, I thought it was way too slow and that the fights were rubbish after all the 'better than the Matrix' claims.

We both thought Ong Bak kicked ass though.
Fri 11/11/05 at 02:29
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
Ong bak
Fighter in the wind
Old Boy
Fri 11/11/05 at 01:36
Posts: 11,875
I've got all those TV series :)
Thu 10/11/05 at 23:21
Posts: 20,776
I'm into my tv series' at the moment, I can heartily recommend :

Long way Round
Father Ted box set
Any Red Dwarf series
The Michael Palin collection
Alan Partridge
Spaced series 1 + 2
Big Train
Brass Eye

I know you asked for movies, but I just wanted to get those recommendations off my chest.

Movie-wise :

Ong Bak
Sin City
Ronin speshy edition
Butterfly effect

You can't g'wrong.
Thu 10/11/05 at 21:48
"I'm Great."
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As afor anime films/feature length there are a few other obvious ones that people will suggest.

Perfect Blue
Castle in the sky (must say that I really did enjoy Castle in the sky. The last 30 or 40 mins had me captivated)
Patlabour 1 + 2

As for other anime that are available as one sort of cheapish collection

Orguss 02. (Iím biased as it was one of the first I had seen and stuck in my head)
Tokyo revelation
Macross Plus

These are just a few. As for anime in general there will be Full Metal Alchemist at 8:30 Tuesday and and Wolf Ďs Rain at 8:30 Thursday on Rapture. Sky digital only by the looks of it. Said to be uncut so thatís good.. Eng dub Iím guessing but we should be able to live through that right. Is positive to see two animes on UK TV.

Yeah Iím plugging it. I want more anime on TV.
Thu 10/11/05 at 18:57
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Herr Dark Wolf wrote:
> You like Spirited Away eh? Why don't you check out the other Ghibli
> films. Ones I strongly recomend are Castle in the Sky, Nausicaa and
> Mononoke.

Anime films I have:

Spirited Away
Princess Mononoke
Ghost in the Shell
Kiki's Delivery Service
Ninja Scrolls
Thu 10/11/05 at 18:56
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If you can pick it up cheap, 'The Man With the Golden Arm' is an awesome film.
I found it in HMV for £3. It's dark, insightful, intelligent, and it's absolutely nothing like you'd expect from a 50s film with Frank Sinatra.
I consider it an unrecognised classic.

Run Lola Run and Memento are both intelligent and unusual, but in similar ways.

The Taxi films were great, and are now available in an English dub, if you like that kind of thing.
Thu 10/11/05 at 18:46
Posts: 3,937
You like Spirited Away eh? Why don't you check out the other Ghibli films. Ones I strongly recomend are Castle in the Sky, Nausicaa and Mononoke.
Thu 10/11/05 at 13:35
Posts: 41
Family Guy: Stewie Griffin The Untold Story is fantastic
Wed 09/11/05 at 09:52
"Wants Spymate on dv"
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Comedies I highly recommend:
Trading Places
Beverly Hills Cop
Cannonball Run
Midnight Run
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
National Lampoon's Vacation
Slap Shot
The Hard Way
Brewster's Millions
Coming to America
A Christmas Story
School for Scoundrels

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