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Thu 03/11/05 at 21:16
"Get It?Got It?Good!"
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Commentator Comments

Jim Ross - Good Ol' J.R
My Rating: 8/10

Jim Ross in my opinion is one of the best commentators there is/has ever been. Granted on many occasions he says the wrong name of a wrestler and many occasionally confuse the viewer if its someone new who hasnt watched wrestling for ages and is trying to learn their names, but J.R does also have some good points. He is a commentator who speaks his mind to the superstars even if it means him getting a hella-ass-kicking. He is emotional when it comes to commentating which is good because a monotone commentator is just plain boring. As i said in another thread, many of the highlight packages use JR's commentary to help follow the storyline and show how heated the feud has become. A down point would have to be how the majority of the time...whenever he enters a know he will end up on the mat, either a bloodied mess or holding his balls, or both.

Jerry "The King" Lawler
My Rating: 5/10

So...King...what to say about King...well...i would have to say the first thing i notice about King, being an ex-wrestler you would think he would know move names and give a bit of insightful commentary, whereas what he actually does is "Oooh Puppies!" and starts making perverted comments. This may be funny, but King can sometimes get a bit annoying with his plain stupidity. I still remember about a year ago, Randy Orton was setting a table up in the corner of the ring, and King says to J.R "what a great competitor, he is removing that table from the ring so that the match can coninue". It was so obvious Orton wasnt doing that it just made him look plain silly! King is also annoying how he jumps on the bandwagon of any heelish superstar, although recently he has had to be more against the heels, as otherwise we would have two heel-loving comentators. Luckily King is only the secondary commentator for the majority of the time and therefore we dont have to listen to him as much. He is good at jokes about how stupid Eugene is, and comes up with the odd funny comment about other people, but Overall he isnt much cop.

"The Coach"
My Rating: 1/10

Terrible. Coach is rubbish at play-by-play, he doesnt know a lot of the move names, except the ones he made up. He shortens peoples names (Kerwin White to K.White and he did another one exactly the same (with their initial and then last name)) so if coach had his way it will soon be R.Flair, R.Orton, T.Tomko etc. The wrestlers wont have first names anymore because the idiot has shortened em all! Coachs analogy is terible, "The Big Show is Big" Hmmm, Vince...why do you pay Coach again?!?!? Also in the gaps where the wrestlers are both down, Coach has no clue how to fill the gaps. J.R would used to come out with some facts he had researched, but it seems like neither Coach or King do their homework. I would say that WWE gave JR the facts to say, but considering how there are no longer facts since JR has been gone i think that he may have done them himself. Overall, Coach = a big pile of steaming hot poopoo

"Todd Grisham"
My Rating: 3/10

Grisham isnt too bad, his Maaaaaiiiiiiiiiiinnnn Eeeeeeevvvvveeeeeennnnnttttt pronounciation is a thing that is alright i suppose. He went up in my books after his Halloween dress up because that was pretty funny.

My Rating: 8/10

Tazz is one of my favourite commentators. Hes cool, but hes down to earth, he doesnt kiss the superstars asses. Hes also a very good play-by-play comentator as he knows the names of the moves and stuff (King should learn from him)

Michael "He's won, nope only a 2 count" Cole
My Rating: 6/10

Cole is alright at commentating on matches i think, although it seems to me that every time someone tries a pin Cole will say something like "hes got the win" or "its 3! its 3!" when its only 2. Every pin attempt he assumes is the winning pin, which i find a bit annoying. The rest of his match analysis isnt too bad and he is quite good at re-telling/recapping storylines for people who have missed out on what happened. However i did kinda get bored with him going over and over the Eddie/Rey storyline!

Josh Matthews
My Rating: 5/10

Not too bad, good interviewer, not a bad commentator, knows what hes talking about (sometimes)

Steve Romero
My Rating: 5/10

Not bad either, although i think him and Matthews should argue more. Adds more to the show as it shows both sides of a point. Also more to talk about. People who agree all the time tend to be pretty dull as they have no input into what to say.

Joey Styles
My Rating: ?/10

I dont think i have seen enough of Styles to give him an accurate rating. Someone else can do him if they want to. What i have seen so far i have been impressed with. Styles to replace Coach any day!

Feel free to add your own or stick up for Coach :p
Thu 10/11/05 at 09:39
Posts: 787
Yes guys, we do exist. We are everywhere..... ;oD
Basically, some of the forum admin and maintenance is now looked after in the shops. So whoever looked after this patch before didnt really pay it much attention, whereas I personally think its worth a read!

Keep posting and happy times to all!

Wed 09/11/05 at 10:17
Posts: 10,009
Very_Metal wrote:

> a staffie in this forum?!?! whatever`s going on at SR towers? :D

Things are getting really bad for them now.....
Wed 09/11/05 at 07:09
"Brooklyn boy"
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Smedlos wrote:
> It'd be interesting to see a Styles/Ross pairing b ut like Michael
> Cole I think Ross would struggle to commentate with anyone other than
> King.

Like Congy hinted, 2 play by play guys doesn't work (although Styles does both the play by play and the colour) plus what would JR offer to that pairing other than talking about college football and getting people's names and moves wrong?

Also *OH MY GAWD!!!!* >>>>>>>>>> *MY GAHD!!!*
Tue 08/11/05 at 19:11
"you've got a beard"
Posts: 7,442
Judge Thread wrote:
> things

a staffie in this forum?!?! whatever`s going on at SR towers? :D
Tue 08/11/05 at 16:36
"Get It?Got It?Good!"
Posts: 3,561
I liked one of Styles comments during the Coach Vs Batista match.

It was something like "Batista is destroying Coach in the same way coach destroys play-by-play every monday!" or something like that.

I thought that was good.
Tue 08/11/05 at 15:02
Posts: 10,009
It'd be interesting to see a Styles/Ross pairing b ut like Michael Cole I think Ross would struggle to commentate with anyone other than King.
Tue 08/11/05 at 13:41
Posts: 9,808
Kawada wrote:
> Or at least plagerised (that spelt right?) it.
> At One Night Stand during the Eddie vs Benoit match he said something
> similar along the lines of *these men are both artists and the
> wrestling mat is their canvas*

Ah right, must have done that subconciously then. As I hadn't even thought about that...

As for thoughts on a Ross/Styles pairing, I've never been a fan of having more than one play-by-play guy.
Tue 08/11/05 at 06:21
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Or at least plagerised (that spelt right?) it.

At One Night Stand during the Eddie vs Benoit match he said something similar along the lines of *these men are both artists and the wrestling mat is their canvas*
Mon 07/11/05 at 16:27
Posts: 9
Any thoughts on a Ross/Styles pairing?

I cant possibly agree with anyone suggesting that J.R is a sub-standard caller, although I appreciate that he isn't as good as he was. But be serious, a slobberknocker aint a slobberknocker without a drawlin' Oklahoman in a stetson teliing us how business is pickin' up!
Mon 07/11/05 at 13:46
Posts: 9,808
Kawada wrote:
> Ya big thief, you stole that from Joey himself :-D

I did?

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