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"Taboo Tuesday Results Thread..."

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Wed 02/11/05 at 01:02
Posts: 2,781
Taboo Tuesday
November 1st, 2005
San Diego, California
IpayOne Center

A video package airs for the event.

Edge and Chris Masters make their way out, and Joey Styles is commentating.

So, the winners - Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy. Christian was backstage, probably his final obligation.

Edge gets on the mic and says he won't be wrestling tonight. He introduces his replacement as Gene Snitsky.

1. Gene Snitsky & Chris Masters vs Rey Mysterio & Matt Hardy
Result: Matt Hardy & Rey Mysterio (13:47)
Match: 7/10 - not bad. A little slow to begin with, but it picked up in the last five minutes or so.

In a very odd segment, Maria gives her clothes to Mick Foley...(don't ask).

Conway & Tomko come out. We see that Superfly Jimmy Snukka won the vote.

2. Rob Conway & Tyson Tomko vs Eugene & Superfly Jimmy Snukka
Result: Eugene & Superfly Jimmy Snukka (6:22)
Match: 4/10 - Didn't expect much really, what can I say?

Tomko attacks them after the match, and predictably, Hacksaw and Kamala come out to save the day.

An Undertaker DVD promo airs.

Carlito comes out, and the person selected is - Mankind (w00t!).

3. Carlito vs Mankind
Result: Mankind (7:22)
Match: 7/10 - Mankind wins with a Socko affixed with an afro :D

Vince talks to Eric Bischoff, generally ranting and raving.

Mick Foley goes backstage to chat on

The results of the main event vote are in - HBK wins, so Kane & Big Show will fight for the tag titles (3 out of 4 matches have been tag so far, woah).

4. Tag Titles: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (c) vs Big Show & Kane
Result: New champions - Kane & Big Show (7:59)
Match: 6/10 - Didn't expect much, and it wasn't that great, but satisfying to see Kane & Big Show with the straps.

The Grish goes to interview them, but Murdoch comes back and gets completely owned with a tandem chokeslam.

Vader and Goldust talk backstage with The Coach.

The Grish brings the Divas out and we find out they'll be wearing lingerie later.

A promo airs for Batista vs Coach.

Goldust makes his way out to the ring, and Vader follows. And the match will be a streetfight - as dominated by 91% of the votes.

5. Streetfight: Batista vs The Coach
Result: Batista (4:22)
Match: 3/10. Ridiculously, Batista manages to fend off Vader. I wanted Coach to win.

The Grish interviews HBK about his match later on. Kurt Angle interrupts them.

King and Joey plug the new Korn album.

6. Fulfil Your Fantasy Women's Title Battle Royal: Ashley vs Candice Michelle vs Mickie James vs Maria vs Trish Stratus (c)
Result: Trish Stratus (5:29)
1:18 - Maria by Trish/Mickie
2:07 - Candice by Ashley
3:34 - Ashley by Victoria
5:29 - Victoria by Mickie
5:29 - Mickie eliminated herself, sort of
Match: 2/10. What can I say? It's a lingerie battle royale, damnit. Although Mickie did say "owned" after the match, which made my inner-geek light up.

A promo for Ric Flair vs Triple H airs.

And the votes reveal it'll be a steel cage match.

7. Steel Cage IC Title Match: Ric Flair (c) vs Triple H
Result: Ric Flair
Match: 7.5/10.

Trips is helped backstage by refs.

8. WWE Title Triple Threat Match: HBK v Kurt Angle v John Cena (c)
Result: John Cena(16:43)
Match: 7/10 - Pretty cack-handed ending, nothing too special.

As an event, again, nothing special, but then very few WWE PPV's are these days.
Tue 08/11/05 at 09:23
Posts: 10,009
snake10 wrote:
> Okay,truce.
> "shakes hands,and resists urge to pull out shotgun"

*Shakes hand, sends ricin back to the laboratory*
Tue 08/11/05 at 06:25
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
The Wardy wrote:
> I dont blame stone cold either. I wouldnt want to be the one
> responsible for J.R's permanent firing.

*cough* storyline *cough*
Mon 07/11/05 at 21:03
"Get It?Got It?Good!"
Posts: 3,561
I dont blame stone cold either. I wouldnt want to be the one responsible for J.R's permanent firing.

McMahon announced Coach as the winner of the Stone Cold Vs Coach match but i dont know if that means he also wins the stipulation?
Mon 07/11/05 at 21:02
"youngest regular"
Posts: 813
"shakes hands,and resists urge to pull out shotgun"
Mon 07/11/05 at 19:42
Posts: 10,009
I'm still Smedlos and won't bite if I'm not provoked. Truce?

You've summed up the reason why Stone Cold walked out - he was due to lose to Coachman which is quite frankly obsurd. The story was if Stone Cold lost to Coachman JR would be fired for good. Vince want's a new announcer as he feels JR is past it so Stone Cold would lose to Coachman and a new announcer would be brought in, probably Joey Styles.

Austin rightly threw a wobbly and walked out completely messing up the storyline so Batista was brought in as a replacement and the "firing" angle was conveniently forgotten about and a truly terrible match occured which Boreista won.

What will happen in the future who knows? JR may return or a new announcer will be hired. At the minute JR is seriously ill after major surgery so is out of action for the forseeable future.

Either way Vince's ego messed up what could have been a great storyline and the "hiring" of a new announcer has been about as slapdash as it could get. Just another example of how the WWE is going down the pan.
Mon 07/11/05 at 18:32
"youngest regular"
Posts: 813
Wait,why was he due to lose the match???????
Stone cold would'nt lose to coachman.
Mon 07/11/05 at 18:29
"youngest regular"
Posts: 813
Smedlos wrote:
> He was due to lose to the Coach and therefore refused to work the
> match so Batista took his place.
Hey you just helped me.............
Who are you and what have you done with smedlos?:D
Mon 07/11/05 at 15:28
Posts: 10,009
I'm shocked at how fat he's managed to get! But seriously it cannot do an already low morale any good to feel that you have to know people rather than have any talent to get anywhere. It will just generate a new generation of ar$e lickers!
Mon 07/11/05 at 13:45
Posts: 9,808
Kawada wrote:
> Smedlos wrote:
> Vader botched virtually all the moves he had to do and was probably
> only there because he knows Golddust and he was only there because
> daddy is on the management team.
> He knows Dusty that's why he was in, knowing Goldust means squat in
> the industry

I'm shocked at how little time it's taken Dusty to build up the influence to get his cronies hired...
Mon 07/11/05 at 12:35
Posts: 10,009
I really hope Golddust and Vader were just a one off. Same goes for Kamala, Tatanka, Jim Duggan.............

Vince look to the FUTURE not back into the past!

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