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"Farewell little limey's"

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Wed 26/10/05 at 18:08
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Just about 15 hours or so before i head off to the beautiful land of communism known as China so figured for once i'd be polite and say goodbye to you all. Chances are i'll pop on once a week or so when i have a venture to the internet cafe and disperse my wisdom as usual until then i'll just have to hope JOH, Congy and VM stop you all becoming little marks who cheer whoever the WWE wants you to (unfortunately Ant is already a lost case :-D) So that means i probably will be able to still do Promo Wars and own the heck out of you Figo :-D

As i'm too busy to write a big old post giving separate opinions on people (other than Congy) i'll just use the tried and tested method of the old 5 star rating system. Chances are if i like you you know i do anyway as we talk on msn or i'm actually nice to you on here :-D

Congy - **** 3/4. (There's no such thing as a perfect 5 star as there's always something to improve on, it's that search for perfection that keeps us going and as you don't have much long left you old codger i figured i'd give you all the hope you need :-D)
GP - **** 1/2
VM - ****
Figo - ***
Wardy - **
Ravenous - *** 1/2
JOH - ****
Smedlos - *
Lipe - **
Jae - ** 1/2
Chris - *
Snake 10 - DUD
CrossBob - DUD
Ant - DUD (just because of the Orton love :-D)

Keep up the WWE hate and TNA love and remember that Curry Man owns your very soul

He's Hot
He's Spicy
He tasssssssssstes greattttttttttttt
He's far better than all of you
Fri 04/11/05 at 09:27
Posts: 10,009
Welcome back you're living up to your tag line!
Thu 03/11/05 at 22:12
"Forum Tweener"
Posts: 1,076
The reason I haven't been around lately is beacuse my computer was f**ked.
All of that has changed now, however, meaning......

Wed 02/11/05 at 05:50
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Wed 02/11/05 at 05:36
Posts: 33,481
Ahead? So it's Wednesday there at the moment aswell as here?
Tue 01/11/05 at 11:22
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
We're 8 hours ahead of you. So it's 7.22pm here and 11.22am there
Tue 01/11/05 at 08:46
Posts: 33,481
Which way though?

Is it coming up to 1am there or is it coming up to 5pm?
Tue 01/11/05 at 07:07
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
8 hours
Tue 01/11/05 at 07:05
Posts: 33,481
So what's the time difference between there and here?
Tue 01/11/05 at 04:21
Posts: 33,481
Tue 01/11/05 at 04:16
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Gah curse this stupid developing country, they seemingly think it's ok to start drilling at 12.30 at night and keep doing it until about 3. I miss double glazing :-(

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