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"Real Madrid - what's going wrong"

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Wed 19/10/05 at 20:38
"RIP: Brian Clough"
Posts: 10,491
They're losing 1-0 to Rosenborg. At home. In the Champions League. No doubt the scorline will change a couple of times tonight, but I have biology c/w for tommorow, so I'll keep this brief. Just what is going wrong at Madrid. I know they're not perfect but they have some truly great players. Beckham, Ronaldo, Raul, Carlos, Zidane, etc. How can they keep losing?
Fri 21/10/05 at 21:15
"Long time no see!"
Posts: 8,351
Manchester United also have some really great players and just look at them. Okay, so half of them are injured right now and Ronaldo's been "falsely" accused of rape, but still, when was the last time they won something commendable?

Whereas Chelsea, with the help of extraordinary finances, have grown past them and into the dominant force United once were, I fear a similar thing with Real Madrid these days - do opposing teams really feel the threat of them anymore?

Yes, there will forever be some big names on that teamsheet, but for that there are also gaping holes at the back in a team that's all too concerned and concentrated on who's going forward in their attack.

Many teams now go to Old Trafford and see it as a chance for three points now, inside one of the greatest stadiums of world and European football.
Fri 21/10/05 at 18:29
Posts: 10,009
I think other teams are just catching up with them. OK they're not nearly as good as they used to be but they're still a huge force in world football.

That is until people start calling in their debts........
Fri 21/10/05 at 02:51
Posts: 11,024
Then don't make mistakes :)

I feel Madrid get a bad press often. Because they're a huge club, the slightest slip and something like this topic happens. This was created before the match was even over, they went on to win by three goals, and that extends their winning streak to six games, I think. And the thread is called "What's going wrong." Even Barcelona would kill to have six straight wins right now.

I still love you though, Joe.
Fri 21/10/05 at 02:31
Posts: 23,695
Ok, replace always with recently.

And I knew you'd somehow find a mistake in my post. I don't think I've ever posted a message containing the words "Real" and "Madrid" not to have them quoted and debated with in some way by you. :-)
Thu 20/10/05 at 22:15
Posts: 11,024
AfroJoe wrote:
> Great players don't make a great team. Teams like Valencia and
> Deportivo have always done just as well as Real Madrid and Barcelona
> in La Liga and in Europe because of great teamwork.

Always? No no no. Real Madrid are the most successful team in the history of the European Cup, remember.
Thu 20/10/05 at 21:39
"You've upset me"
Posts: 21,152
Reynolds wrote:
> 3-2 Woking
> :D

Woo. Not as good as Cambridge 3-0 against Chester (but I'm biased :D) or Halifax beating Bury 6-1.

The LDV rules.
Thu 20/10/05 at 21:35
Posts: 5,659
A team of champions is not always a champion team.
Wed 19/10/05 at 22:42
"not dead"
Posts: 11,145
Aren't Real now top of the Spanish league too?

Yes thjey had a dodgy start, including a dodgy first Champion's League game, but they've been on good form lately. This season, more than any other recent season there were more new arrivals -rather htan spending big on one player they've bought a couple of defensive players as well as the two Brazilians - it was going to take a few games for them to click, and really, they've settled relatively quickly, and gotten away with it because of Barca's equally slow start.
Wed 19/10/05 at 22:27
"Foxes 4 Ever!!!"
Posts: 2,090
Forest Fan wrote:
> Real Madrid - what's going wrong

I could ask the same about Nottingham Forest.

3-2 Woking

Wed 19/10/05 at 21:57
"RIP: Brian Clough"
Posts: 10,491
I just wonder if they had an amazingly arrogant and brilliant manager like Jose Mourinho whether they would win any cup they played in given their glittering array of talent and wads of cash. On paper and even in practice I don't really think the Chelsea team is better than the Real Madrid team but if they played tonight, I'd definetely back the Blues to batter Madrid. And I don't really know why.

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