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Sun 11/09/05 at 10:52
"Fort of Dawn Lindsa"
Posts: 28
I am considering an idea for an upcoming peice of citezenship coursework. I don't really give two penneth wether I pass or not (Aren't I clever) but it gives me a perfect opportunity to organise this.

Imagine this, if you will. 100 'Real ultimate power' Ninjas running around on the streets of Exeter, dressed in cheap immitation ninja digs and carrying tiny plastic ninja swords, running around screaming "SEPPIKU!" and "BUSHIDO!" at the top of their lungs, randomly stopping to have a big free for all spazfight and hand out charity leaflets.

I was going to Inform the police with an annonymous tip off a couple of days before. Just saying what we will be doing, that there is no malicious intent and just to try and make their lives easier when they get some claims direct bum squealing down the phone that they feel threatened by the real ultimate power ninjas.

I will hopefully be able to get the digs in cheap bulk, and give them to everyone participating for free. Money from sponsorships and selling posters and certificates of the event will hopefully cover the cost of the digs and have a sufficiant amount left over to donate to a charitable orginisation. Maybe even tip off the media a couple of days before and try to get it in the papers.

So far I am unsure as to where to recruit people for this. The more the better and sillier, but outside of my school I don't know where to go. If I could get it into the exeter collage I am sure I could get a 100 people rounded up, but I am at a loss as how to do that.

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I figured the best thinktanks would be in here, judging by what goes on in GC.
Tue 13/09/05 at 19:17
"Fort of Dawn Lindsa"
Posts: 28
Also just wanted to thank you guys for the responses. You're making it much more pleasant for me by merely reaffirming the idea.

Cylone, moldy cheese and gordenisagayboy, I'll keep you fellows posted.
Tue 13/09/05 at 19:12
"Fort of Dawn Lindsa"
Posts: 28
Its probably hoping too much to get organised enough to charge admission, it was meant to be a big open street thing, and more to draw money from the ninja's (sponsorships, souveneers) than the observers. I have a feeling if it was to try and draw money from observers it would be dangerously close to being a bit lame.

The whole event would have to be as stupid as possible.

-No purposeful intimidating walking, only 'Ninja creeps'or spazzy jumps
-No big or even slightly realistic swords, only matt grey swords no bigger than your flaccid wang.
-Clear ninja tagging. Colour belts, ninja mask as opposed to babalcava, even a big sash that says 'Trained Ninja'

I'd also probably need a way of keeping 'enthusiastic' spectators from joining in. Although I do like the idea of trying to get it advertised. see how many people could turn up to watch. Would probably need help if advertised ninja places with it.

Maybe advertise a specific amphitheatre like place (like the abbey), have red ninjas and blue ninjas sneak their way across town towards the advertised place, and then pounce in the middle and put on a bit of a show. Have ninja's jumping around with charity buckets afterwards.

This might work alot better than I had planned after all. Does anyone know how to contact city council/officials/the fez?
Sun 11/09/05 at 20:43
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
I live near Exeter, lemme know when ^^
Sun 11/09/05 at 20:42
"Not a Jew"
Posts: 7,532
Heh yeah. Also make sure you don't skinheads or just people who like violence joining. And you'll get the problem of copycats dressing up like ninjas and running amok wasting people with baseball bats for the fun of it. And you'd be the one getting the blame. So it could be good, but there are alot of problems you'd need to sort.
Sun 11/09/05 at 20:37
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
My only advice would be to inform the police in detail about every aspect long before you do it.
Given the current climate where Brazilians are shot dead on the tube whilst doing nothing, 100 people wearing balaclavas and screaming at people might just provoke.
Sun 11/09/05 at 19:52
"Dr. Chad Niga"
Posts: 4,550
Why would ninja's shout bushido?
You're thinking of samurai's.
Sun 11/09/05 at 19:43
Posts: 8,220
If people wore their own black stuff, and you gave them balaclavas and red tie-belts or something, that could do the trick.

Don't expect to get them all back though :^S

And you may want some kind of legal disclaimer for people injuring themselves while spaz-fighting.

Where there's gain there's a claim.
Sun 11/09/05 at 17:14
Posts: 5,848
You would need to secure permission with the relevant authorities, and in doing so I'm sure you could get them to create some banner/advertisement for you.

As for the prop cost, you could always simply by smaller and less realistic swords, I realise that would look naff but it's an option at least.

You could charge an entry fee for all those that wanted to come and watch the spectacle, and you could use this to offer an incentive scheme for all the Ninjas (it would pay for somemthing like free refreshements to give them, which may entice them to join)

For the costumes, try and either rent them in bulk from costume shops of get people to pay for the rental costs themselves.

For the actual show itself you'll want something a little more structured than a 'spazz fight' to bring the punters in (should you want to) and I'd recommend something like using the surroundings and maybe have the Ninjas appear from a hiding place, bow, and offer someone a ticket.

There's liabilities involved with public fighting and shouting words all over the place.

Consider it anyway.
Sun 11/09/05 at 15:55
"Fort of Dawn Lindsa"
Posts: 28
Another problem that's cropped up is cost of props. I have found one site that I could get 100 swords for £111. The costumes cost a lot lot more, so maybe if I just procured black balaclavas/black sacks with holes for eyes people could wear them. If I charged £2 for the clobber and ask people to wear their own black gear...

A load of youths running around in black balaclavas... I might need to have some people to holt an announcing banner above the event.

The complications pile up. any thinktanking help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.
Sun 11/09/05 at 15:26
"Tesco value"
Posts: 992
hell, for a day out, yeah!

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