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"My Chemical Romance"

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Thu 08/09/05 at 00:45
"A Ghost Of You"
Posts: 795
Loved Helena, heard they won the Kerrang award for best album, bought it for tenner down Virgin, now play "The Ghost Of You" for hours on end.

Stupid goth yanks have ruined my life : D
Sun 11/09/05 at 15:41
Posts: 3,491
He just said he can only "take Emo in small doses", so I'm going to guess no...
Sun 11/09/05 at 01:46
"Catch it!"
Posts: 6,840
Yeah but do you like MCR?
Sun 11/09/05 at 00:11
Posts: 2,781
I can take Emo in small doses, but it becomes very overbearing after a while.
Sat 10/09/05 at 23:46
"Catch it!"
Posts: 6,840
I have both there albums which are great.
Fri 09/09/05 at 14:32
"tokyo police club"
Posts: 12,540
many goats wrote:
> Reuben are quality.
> "Let's Stop Hanging Out" is a fantastic song.

Yeah, I quite like Rueben. Everything I've heard of their's has been pretty much class.

Freddy Krueger is a tune, and, as you said, let's stop hanging out is also mintage.
Thu 08/09/05 at 22:41
Posts: 2,938
Reuben are quality.

"Let's Stop Hanging Out" is a fantastic song.
Thu 08/09/05 at 18:34
Posts: 13,017
You heard Reuben?

Their singer transitions it pretty well.
Thu 08/09/05 at 17:25
"The definitive tag"
Posts: 3,752
I don't think much of them at all. If I had to single out any one weak link then it would be the singer. He's bloody awful. He can't decide whether he's singing, shouting or screaming so it comes out as a mess.
Thu 08/09/05 at 15:54
Posts: 13,017
Der Nazi wrote:
> I really can't see how they're popular; some of the lyrics are
> half-decent, but the fact they're being shrieked by someone who can
> hardly shout (let alone sing)

At download fest MCR followed InMe on the Snicker Stage and about 5,000 (no lie) skinny clone emo kids came marching into the tent as I was trying to leave and go see Napalm Death. The set started as I was in earshot and my goodness he wails like a dying cat. It almost makes them sound Ok on record. But hey, at least they're not 18 visions huh?
Thu 08/09/05 at 15:52
Posts: 13,017
Cycloon wrote:
> Paradox, don't you like such types of music?

I find the whole influx of emo-ness pretty depressing. I mean, I liked the odd song that moaned about how tough life was and something nice and deeply meaningful about suicide, but when its in every song its just a cash-in on someones livejournal.

As far as liking "such types" of music, I probably do listen to a few bands that are classified as emo. I'm very into Brand New and I also like Dashboard Confessional (though they get a bit whiney), Jimmy Eat World, Alkaline Trio, Strung Out, etc.

I'm much more into metal and hardcore though. Underoath are 'teh r0x0rs'

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