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"Animal Crossing"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Animal Crossing'.
Mon 18/10/04 at 21:29
Posts: 468
have any of you ot animal crossing, i think it was designed for people with no life hoo stay at home all day, today i missed tom nooks big sale, i nearly cried! WAAAAAAAAHHHH but it still is the best game ever
Tue 19/10/04 at 23:02
Posts: 18,185
Like an extended rental.
Tue 19/10/04 at 13:42
Posts: 11,038
It took me about a month to get bored of it, then I sold it for 3 pound less than I paid for it.
Tue 19/10/04 at 13:05
Posts: 18,185
I'm not bored of it either. But I haven't been playing it non-stop.
Tue 19/10/04 at 12:30
Posts: 10,437
Yeah, Pikmin multiplayer is great. It's so funny watching your mate run around with all of your Pikmin latched onto his head.

Oh, and I've been playing AC since release and it still isn't boring. But meh.
Tue 19/10/04 at 08:21
Posts: 18,185
Really??? I haven't enjoyed Pikmin's multiplayer yet but I will before a write up a review.

Donkey Konga is more enjoyable when I try and beat my mates scores or he brings a pair of Bongoes around. I do like it in single player, it is just far more repetitive that way. Playing with a mate is always unpredictable.
Mon 18/10/04 at 23:56
Posts: 7,741
Dringo wrote:
> Both rule.
> Konga's appeal is of a party game so don't expect to be blown away
> with a fantastic single player experience.

I wasn't blown away with multiplayer I have to say, I much prefer playing on my own. Which was a suprise. Exactly the opposite with Pikmin 2. Co-op and Battle *really* make the game fun. They lack the depth of the single-player of course, but equal the excitement.
Mon 18/10/04 at 22:42
Posts: 18,185
Apple Crumble wrote:
> Ta Dringo
> *Adds Konga to the list*

Good good.
Mon 18/10/04 at 22:33
Posts: 2,048
Ta Dringo

*Adds Konga to the list*
Mon 18/10/04 at 22:29
Posts: 18,185
Both rule.

Konga's appeal is of a party game so don't expect to be blown away with a fantastic single player experience.

Oh and you don't need multiple bongo sets... Just do a song each or something.

It's just fun doing that.

Pikmin 2 is the finest Nintendo game released this year so far.
Mon 18/10/04 at 22:29
Posts: 7,741
Animal Crossing. Just.. *yawns* gets..

*falls asleep*

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