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"Stryke meets Idlewild"

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Wed 03/08/05 at 17:09
Posts: 16,548
This Friday I'm off to see Idlewild at Somerset House, which is nice. The guy I was going with dropped out because his parents booked a holiday/he doesn't like me anymore. But seeing as he'd already paid for his ticket, I gave it to another mate, who probably stills like me. At least, he does now. He's the music editor on our student newspaper, so he called up this PR guy that normally sorts him out for interviews (albeit with awful smaller bands like the Subways and Do Me Bad Things) and he told him he could get an interview with Idlewild.

So, excellent, we're interviewing Idlewild. Which I'm quite happy about, really. Plus it means I get backstage passes. Not really sure what I'm going to do with them, mind. Maybe sell them to a gullible kid.
Sat 06/08/05 at 21:31
"I am Bumf Ucked"
Posts: 3,669
Tell him that you are The The Clucking Clucking Trout Trout.

That will sort him out.
Thu 04/08/05 at 15:12
Posts: 5,953
Tiltawhirl wrote:
> I met them about 6-7 years ago when they were playing a gig in
> Bedford. This was before they were big, I'm soooooooooo 'indie'.

How old are you?
Thu 04/08/05 at 14:55
Posts: 16,548
I've always pronounced it Womble, I'll have to get out of that habit. It's Woooooooomble, right. Womb-bell?
Thu 04/08/05 at 14:47
Posts: 23,284
Call the singer Womble
Thu 04/08/05 at 13:36
Posts: 21,800
I met them about 6-7 years ago when they were playing a gig in Bedford. This was before they were big, I'm soooooooooo 'indie'.

Well I'm not actually, and I didn't really have a clue who they were. But I'd seen them play and they were at the bar, so I had a good old chinwag. Nice bunch of dudes, me thought.
Thu 04/08/05 at 13:03
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
You Held the World

Thu 04/08/05 at 09:59
Posts: 16,548
Just another example of how listening to me almost always pays off.
Wed 03/08/05 at 23:46
"Sal Paradise"
Posts: 708
Have fun Strykey.
After your recommendation of Idlewild to moi about two months ago, I listen to them loads now, one of me favourite bands :)
Wed 03/08/05 at 19:08
Posts: 16,548
It'll be in an interview sometime in the future.

"Roddy, what's the weirdest fan you've ever met?"
"Actually, there was this guy once - mumbling about some sort of Dragon? Then he threw a remote at me and my bouncers broke his face."
Wed 03/08/05 at 18:53
"not dead"
Posts: 11,145
Say "I know someone who was at the Cambridge gig back in April - did you see them?"

And take in a TV Remote, and ask which is their favourite remote part.

They'll probably stop talking to you after that.

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