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"Calling all nerds and geekatrons.."

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Wed 27/07/05 at 22:00
"Light of the world"
Posts: 4,763
Well - I know you guys come in different types you know - chess, snorkers, It wizards.... PC games and the rest

*id come under the kind that snorts when laughing :(*

But I want to purchase a camera.

1) i dont know whether to stay retro and get a good lil camera for good value that is not a digital...

or 2) Get a funky new digital one

I would like as reasonable as and good quality it doesnt have to back flips...

I even popped in the SR shop in basildonia tonite seeing if my ex who is el major geekatron en el universo for everything 'gadgety' for advise

Anyways, also how is everyone - hopefully I'll bother to come back on and look if anyone put something nice.

Anyways hope you guys are all well - my absense has been due to the fact i have gained a social life and well the rooms have been majorly poop but heck

Love to the kids

Ginge x x x
Sat 30/07/05 at 18:26
Posts: 15,443
You called me a nerd, and I looked. :,(
Sat 30/07/05 at 14:59
"Light of the world"
Posts: 4,763
fragout123 wrote:
> Yup i was very impressed with it, nearly gave him my old digi camera
> and took that one instead, but thought it was a bit harsh as it was
> his 60th b'day :)

i will have a look at this lil camera then if you two are two steps away from an intimate relationship with the thing

thanks for the advise peeps

o and borat

Pics in the post ;)
Fri 29/07/05 at 23:52
Posts: 20,776
Ginge, when you get your camera, take a few pictures and post them and I'll have a look and see what the quality is like.

If you're stuck for ideas, pictures of yourself in Lingerie, front and back, with a suggestive look if you can manage it.
Fri 29/07/05 at 10:28
Posts: 14,117
I've got a Kodak 5MP camera which I've had for over a year, and I think it's great.

You can take movie clips too, which is always good.
Fri 29/07/05 at 10:25
Posts: 15,681
I bought a Yamada camera from here a while ago - fairly decent but the digital zoom is pants.

I do intend to go for a new one at some point. If I was rich I'd buy one of those panasonic ones which make the picture look good even if you happened to have a random twitch as the picture was being taken. It's probably just because I fell for the SR staffie hype, but my Yamada sometimes does end up giving me blurry pics (that look fine on the camera screen...)

As for the redheads comments. Obviously some people look good, others don't. Same no matter what hair colour and skin tone. However, I have a thing for them...though aren't going to say too much more for I'm kinda going out with a blonde and don't wish to incriminate myself too much :P

And I've seen much better quality Alyson Hannigan pics :P
Fri 29/07/05 at 10:13
Posts: 6,702
I can understand that! I absolutely love the colour it provides. It often seems to make the scenery appear that little bit more colourful than it does in real life, which adds some decent, but also quite subtle quality to the picture. I took some photos of landscapes recently that looked far better thanks to the extra saturation of green in the grass.
Fri 29/07/05 at 09:46
"Anger leads to hate"
Posts: 912
Yup i was very impressed with it, nearly gave him my old digi camera and took that one instead, but thought it was a bit harsh as it was his 60th b'day :)
Fri 29/07/05 at 09:38
Posts: 6,702
fragout123 wrote:
> Cannon A95 which i just bought for my father (hamazon :) ) is very good.

Flippin hoolies! I bought the very same camera only a few months ago! That's the Powershot A95 yeh? Fantastic little camera!
Fri 29/07/05 at 09:34
"Anger leads to hate"
Posts: 912
Following on from that, being a bit of a photographer myself, you don't need anything over 5 Megapixels for a compact digital camera, picure wise a 4 MP camera can produce a very high quality A3 image, and i dont know may people who blow up pictures bigger than that.

Zoom wise forget digital zoom, it doesn't mean a thing (it just means it will take the normal image and expand it like they do in the movies, however you lose quality) Minimum i'd recommend is 3X optical zoom. You can pick up a good camera for ~150 quid. Cannon A95 which i just bought for my father (hamazon :) ) is very good.

Two other things to consider, memory card (any type) ~512 mb can be picked up online for about 30-40 squid, these are a definate must, as also is picking up rechargable batts/ or camera spare battery as digi cameras eat energy!

Hope this helps :)
Fri 29/07/05 at 08:18
Posts: 6,702
Just wanted to bring back this bit from Roj's post earlier as this is definitely advice worth taking notice of if you want a decent camera to take with you to Russia.

RoJ wrote:
> Get a digi, definitely over 3.5 mega pixels, make sure it has optical
> zoom, not digital, get something with decent memory, 64Mb card at
> least you'll need/want probably.

From my limited knowledge of this stuff:
>> More mega pixies, bigger pictures, meaning that if you want to get prints made, you can get good quality large prints.
>> Optical zoom is better because the quality remains roughly the same as you zoom, where as with digital zoom you might as well take the photo as normal and then crop it on computer.
>> 64 Mb card or higher in order to store lots of photos. Its a rather obvious point, but the more powerful the camera is in terms of mega pixies, the more space a picture will take up, so bear that in mind when getting a card.

I could probably do with a techno wizard to actual get the specifics down, but that is the situation as I understand it.

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