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"Was I a 9-year old gaming master?"

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Tue 26/07/05 at 09:24
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
As I'm short one DS at the moment, I've taken to borrowing my brother's and playing Mario 64 for hours on end. I remember playing this 7 years ago, when I was 9. Good times. Most of it's easier than it used to be, and I've been getting the 100 coin stars much earlier than I used to. The new stars were easy to collect, and the only difficulty near the beginning is unlocking the new characters. Not the boss fights, they suck (except Wario's), but the new hardcore platforming levels.

When I got to Hazy Maze Cave, the stars were easily obtained, but I got stuck on the coin collecting. It took a few days to conquer, but when I discovered the blue coins (5 coin value) in the poisonous maze, the rest were easy. By this point, I'd conquered the wall jump, something which I found really hard in the original.

Lethal Lava Land was easy, as in the original, while Shifting Sand Land posed a few problems. But it was all in good fun, and I conquered the quicksand sooner or later. Soon, I made it to the upper levels. Wet-Dry world was easy. Seriously, were there this many coins in the original? However, that's where I met a problem. Tall, Tall Mountain. Are there even 100 coins in this? Sheesh... There's not even any blue coins or anything, and I can't use that slide thing because you get stuck at the end in a small room with the star.

Anyway, I decided to put it aside for now, and set off to the later levels. Tiny-Huge Island? Easy. Tick Tock Clock? (Insert easy clock joke here). But Rainbow Ride brought back painful memories. I remember the shortcut at the start, but seriously... HOW THE HELL DID I DO THIS WHEN I WAS 9?!?!? It's not the new star that causes problems, but those magic carpet rides. This is why I love videogames. But seriously, I'm wondering how a 9 year old could negotiate those magic carpets, swinging platforms and the dreaded donut blocks.

I remember a long night, spent trying to get the 100 coins on this level. Then, the absolute greatness I felt when I fired myself onto the roof, and met Yoshi. At the age of 9, that was a feat I hadn't thought would have been possible. Now, I've completed all the worlds (including coin stars) except for the coin star on Tall, Tall Mountain, two mission stars on Rainbow Ride and the coin star on said hell. Then there's the red coins and secret stars in the character saving levels, that switch star in Bowser in the Fire Sea....

I love this game. Plus, I'm sure many of you do as well. Remember any childhood videogaming nightmares, which you wouldn't have thought were possible, when you look back?
Sun 21/08/05 at 00:06
"Divine Davine"
Posts: 799
Legendary Link wrote:
> I was scared by Resident Evil 2, mainly because of zombie hands
> lunging through the windows in the police station oh and ofcourse the
> Licker FMV.
> When i was 7-8 Mortal Kombat 2 scared me, just the whole atmos with
> the music etc, if i was in my room on my own playing it i felt
> un-easy and Baraka scared me sh*tless.

Oh yeah! Mortal Kombat 2! That still scares me up to this very day, heh. Remember the level with the trees pulling scary faces in the background?


I also loved Baraka's mischevious, metal mouthed grin. Ack.

And yeah, Resi Evil 2 is possibly the scariest game of all time. That or Half Life 2.
Sat 20/08/05 at 23:59
Posts: 2,769
I was scared by Resident Evil 2, mainly because of zombie hands lunging through the windows in the police station oh and ofcourse the Licker FMV.
When i was 7-8 Mortal Kombat 2 scared me, just the whole atmos with the music etc, if i was in my room on my own playing it i felt un-easy and Baraka scared me sh*tless.
Sat 20/08/05 at 23:32
"Divine Davine"
Posts: 799
Tell me about it. But the scariest bit had to be when Leon is in the sewer area with that really UNBELIEVABLY scary monster that you have to kick down those cannisters to freeze him, running to the elevator afterwards. I think a little bit of urine came out during that section.

I didn't have a problem with the Resi Evil games when I was younger. Yeah I was scared, but I was naturally an amazing gamer, so I breezed through it with ease. I tend to always finish my games, but hey, I'm great.

*head explodes*
Sat 20/08/05 at 22:14
Posts: 7,741
Resi 4 still scares the shiznit out of me in places (namely Ashley with the torch in the pitch black against those walking suits of armour)..
Sat 20/08/05 at 22:01
Posts: 9,995
Resident Evil was a tremendous hazard for me when I was seven, mainly because it scared the s**t out of me.
Sat 20/08/05 at 21:07
Posts: 3,937
Yoshi's Island is amazing, my favourite SNES game. We didn't have many good games :(
Fri 19/08/05 at 18:04
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
Hopefully Mario Kart DS will ease the pain for you.

Or you could hope Mario Kart SNES is on the list of downloadable games for the Revolution.
Thu 18/08/05 at 22:14
Posts: 10,009
I bought Mario Kart on the GBA simply because I missed it on the SNES - oh how I wish I still had my SNES.
Tue 16/08/05 at 19:36
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
I remember completing them on the SNES when they were first out. Thank you, Super Mario All-Stars!

I bought Yoshi's Island and Super Mario World for the GBA just because I love those games so much.
Mon 15/08/05 at 11:48
Posts: 536
Hmm..probs the first two. Oh yeah. Hes completed all the Super Marios on GBA. Even Superstar Saga.

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