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"Films you must see before you're 14"

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Wed 20/07/05 at 17:38
Posts: 5,953


I have seen 9 of those. I haven't even heard of a lot of them. There are a good number of films on there that I'd never have dreamt about watching pre-14, 'Some like it hot' and 'To kill a mocking bird' for example. Also, the failure to include any of the good Disney films makes the list completely void.
Thu 21/07/05 at 10:55
"Catch it!"
Posts: 6,840
I've seen 10!
Thu 21/07/05 at 10:44
"You've upset me"
Posts: 21,152
Leaving Las Vegas
Thu 21/07/05 at 10:05
Posts: 33,481
On a serious note:

They should watch The Longest Day, we got to watch it at school nad it was excellent.

Thu 21/07/05 at 09:58
"Wants Spymate on dv"
Posts: 3,025
Hurrah for Spirited Away, more recognition of its brilliance.
Also nice to see Totoro in the list, wonderful little film. Just a shame it's not available in the UK yet.

Adding to the list of what other films should be in there, The Castle of Cagliostro and A Christmas Story both spring to mind, a couple of excellent family films.
Edit: and the Muppet Movie and Caper should be in there too.
Thu 21/07/05 at 00:34
Posts: 13,017
Hedfix wrote:
> Debbie Does Dallas.


I'd steer towards animal scatfest IV - but whatever floats your boat.
Wed 20/07/05 at 23:32
Posts: 33,481
Debbie Does Dallas.
Wed 20/07/05 at 23:30
Posts: 8,220
Timmargh wrote:
> Walkabout? For under 14 year olds?

That's not the Australian one is it?

In some ways, that'd be a good one.
Wed 20/07/05 at 21:58
"Twenty quid."
Posts: 11,452
down wrote:
> Doesn't it have naked kiddies in it?

Well, a young naked Jenny Agutter at least.
Wed 20/07/05 at 20:03
"tall skinny latte"
Posts: 623
RastaBillySkank wrote:
>The Zeffirelli version from the 60's is the definitive one for me.

You see Romeo's bum in that one, hehe.
Wed 20/07/05 at 19:41
"You've upset me"
Posts: 21,152
JFH wrote:
> They also recommend the 1996 version of Romeo and Juliet. Definitely
> not a nice film, two suicides including Romeo shooting his brains
> out, and various other blood filled scenes due to the replacement for
> swords being guns. Oh, and very few people under 14 would follow the
> dilogue anyway.

I personally don't rate that version. At all. The original dialogue in the modern context, while different, just doesn't work. The Zeffirelli version from the 60's is the definitive one for me.

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